NEMM began with 35 churches and a membership of 3,522. There were only three ordained ministers at that time: DA Brion, TC Cabaluna, Sr., and SC Villacampa. There was one credentialed missionary: CP Ranario. Licensed ministers included: MC Arranguez, SL Arrogante, EL Demiar, RB Domingo, and JM Moralda. Licensed Missionaries were DA Dawis, NA de Erio, and NC Sanz.

Of the eight literature evangelists, only N Jumawid was credentialed. NEMM had four church schools at that time: Butuan City Church School, Bitangon Church School, Loreto Church School, and Bayugan church School. Church schoolteachers were NA de Erio, Salvador Israel, PL Silagan, GB Cabardo, EN Arranguez, and AR Siega.

Among the pioneers who served the longest since the creation of NEMM up to their retirement were: DA Dawis, NA de Erio, SL Arrogante, And SL Israel. From the establishment of this Mission to the present, its headquarters was transferred four times:

1.      At the third floor of Marchan Building at Conception Street were the Estallinda Store is situated.

2.      At the residence of Mr. & Mrs. Caesar Ong YU, opposite their sawmill.

3.      At the old mission headquarters at Guingona Subdivision which became the residence of some of our Mission workers at the present.

4.      Last September 21, 1988, was the official inauguration of the present office headquarters, Km 3, Baan, Butuan City.

NEMM’s operational voyage for four decades was at times beset with challenges, some due to offshoots movements, where many were deceived to leave the church and some to deep financial problems. A time even came when leaders thought of returning the management to its mother Mission. But God always has solutions ready.

Another crisis came when three ministers, Pastor Pableo P. Pangan, Jethro Calahat and Joseph Acab died in a plane crash on May 1990.

Yet despite hardships, pains, and sadness, we continue to praise the Lord for His great faithfulness. His marvelous ways brought answers in time bringing cheer, comfort, solace, and peace to our troubled hearts. In fact, in a way, these trials have strengthened out trust in the mighty hands of God.

We appeal to our constituents to unite with us in love and prayer for our Mission’s bright tomorrow. Let us pledge an unwavering commitment to finish our sacred task – that is “To prepare a people for our Savior’s soon return.”