Hope Radio Listener Baptized


I am DINDO PALA LASALA Residing at Emenvil Subdivision, Butuan City Magsaysay.  I am going to share with you how God called me.

I was once a student at a Bible College in Butuan City.  I am taking BTh (Theology) to be a Pastor in one of the Religious Organization that went to church every Sunday.  But I stopped studying; instead I worked draftsman at Las Nieves Municipal Engineer’s Office.

I was a leader in a Rebel group that aims to separate people from Mindanao from the Imperialism of Manila.   Last 1997, I was chosen to be a leader in a Tribe of Higa-onon in Bunaguit, Ezperanza, Agusan del Sur as “Datu, Manlauman.” I stand as one of the active leaders in that tribe and continued my vices.  As a leader in a big group I need to ask God for wisdom as King’s Solomon did in His time.

While I continued my vices, my wife kept on praying that I may be enlighten for the truth that my wife believes, because she was once a Seventh Day Adventist but stopped to go to church when we got married.


Dindo Lasala and his wife with Pr. German Ramos and Family

I could say I am a successful man.  I had a lot of accomplishment, I have a power to control everything surrounds me, but I felt the emptiness in my life.  In the wee hour of January 2, 2014, God talked to me by my conscience.  He says, YOU ARE ALWAYS ASKING ME FOR A WISDOM, BUT YOU CAN NO’T RECEIVE IT BECAUSE OF YOUR VICES, I HAVE GIVEN YOU ALL  THAT YOU NEED, I ANSWERED YOUR REQUEST BUT YOU NEGLECT IT AND CONTINUE DOING THINGS THAT YOU ENJOYED AND THAT IS NOT  IN ACCORDANCE TO MY WILL.  YOU HAVE BLINDED ON YOUR OWN SMOKE.  At that time, I realized God answered my wife’s prayer.  Then, I knelt in prayer asking God to forgive me for all my shortcomings and promise to get back to Him to trust Him and obey Him.

I was so thankful to God for giving to me my wife Merlyn that prayed for me, helped me and guide me to know His living God.  All the things of this earth God gave to his beloved sons and daughters.

I was an avid listener of the Hope Radio Program and I was enlightened by one of the programs hosted by Pr. Jerson P. Arellano, Sukdanan Sa Kamatuoran that time I was eager to study more of God’s word.  I continued to study the Bible with Pastor German Ramos in their residence and also during the Sabbath School Congress in Mountain View College..

I accepted Jesus Christ as my Personal Savior through Baptism on my birthday on May 24, 2014 together with my wife during the Sabbath School Congress in MVC.

Carl Visits Siargao for Evangelistic Crusade


Carl with brethren in Siargao Island

Carl Joy from Searmont SDA Church, Searsmont, Maine, USA visits Northeastern Mindanao Mission  last  January 11-26, 2013 for his 5th Evangelistic crusade here in Caraga Region.   He is an ordained elder whose passion is helping God’s ministry.  He has chosen Northeastern Mindanao Mission for he is comfortable with the administrators and workers according to him.   With an enthusiasm to preach again he conducted his Evangelistic Crusade in Del Carmen, Siargao, Surigao Del Norte.   According to him his love to share God’s love increased when he saw the fruits of his labor that many accepted Christ as their personal Saviour.  For the whole duration of the crusade 188 precious souls were baptized and many interested individuals are still coming.

He financially sponsored the crusade, in fact he set aside portions of his income for this purpose and he is the one doing the nightly presentation.  What a wonderful spirit to imitate!

Next year through God’s providence he will come again doing God’s work.    We hope there are many people  who would do the same to prepare people for the Lord’s coming.

Miracle Behind “Typhoon Pablo”


Philippines is visited by a strongest typhoon last December 4, 2012  packing maximum sustained winds of 140 knots (259 kilometers per hour), “Pablo” (international name Bopha).  It’s very painful to all people who have lost their homes, crops for their livelihood and above all lost the lives of their loved ones.

In Loreto District, Loreto Agusan del Sur most of their farm products banana, rubber, palm oil, falcata were totally damaged.  Three of our churches were totally wrecked.  But churches who have solid foundations were slightly damaged. It’s a blessing that in San Mariano SDA Church stand firm when “Pablo” hit the area.  All of the other denominational churches were totally smashed-down but our church stood firm facing the strong winds and rains.

Mr. Sagarino, the deacon, went immediately to the church to open the door because the people were terrified.  When he arrived, the church was already opened full of evacuees.  He was surprised why it was opened when he is the keeper of the key.    They believed that it was an angel who rescued the people in opening the door.   People flocked to our church  because their houses, crops,  were damaged.

When Pablo tyhoon hit their place it was their scheduled-week of prayer meeting, their church were full because of the evacuees.  Because of that scenario many listened to the word of God.

In Sto. Tomas, Loreto Agusan del Sur   their church ventured to plant one (1) hectare corn for the church renovation.    It was a miraculous scene when all of the neighboring cornfields, banana, rubber and etc. were destroyed and the project of the church remained firm in the midst of the Pablo storm.   Last December 10, they were able to harvest their corn.  Praise the Lord for the great protection.

In spite of the storm, they were thankful that it occurred during day time because they can notice the galvanized iron (GI) sheets roofing flew off  by the strong winds.  A backslider went out from his house  afraid that it will fall  down, but on his way a roof  carried by the strong wind hit him. Amazingly the galvanized iron folded it’s on part and he was not badly  hurt.   It gave him a message that he will go back to attend church worship because the Lord protected him in spite of his non-appearance to the church for more than 10 years.

In Loreto District alone three churches were totally damaged.  Our brethren can no longer joined together in worshiping God.

Hope Radio Update

DXHR 1323 a.m. band  is a great blessings to our Mission in evangelism.  Praise the Lord for His guidance in acquiring this equipment.   In spite of our financial crisis we were able to manage in proclaiming God’s word through radio broadcast.

The Sukdanan Sa Kamatuoran program headed by Pr. Jerson P. Arellano, Station Manager,  is a program wherein the anchor man entertain  questions through text messages.    Radio listeners   ask  questions through text and these are answered through broadcast on air.

According to our Station Manager,  up to the present, we have an average of 1,200  texters who participated and listened to the program.  They have  log book  for every question  asked by our texters to determine the no. of persons who listened  to our program.

We praise the Lord that for 7 months operation in our radio broadcast, we have hundreds of backsliders who came back to the fold and many baptisms  around that is within by the reached of the DXHR signal like Camotes island, Bohol, Leyte, Limasawa, Camiguin and within Caraga region.

Up to the present, we glorify God for we  have  120 precious souls baptized through Hope Radio.

Another fed back received from our Station Manager:

Last Tuesday, September 4, 2012 he received a message from Tahena, Esperanza Agusan del Sur that nine (9) families decided to be baptized.  Their conversion ripened  through listening to DXHR.  When it was followed-up, 19 precious souls were baptized.   This coming October 1-13 in this area, the pastor assigned planned to have an evangelistic crusade.  In fact there was a lot donated already intended for the church.   Their burden now is for church construction.

Thanks to all supporters who continue sharing their blessings to our radio station and our project here in Northeastern Mindanao Mission.   Because of your love to support our work, many more souls will be baptized and be ready for Jesus coming.

NeMM F-Camp Contributes Success to Soul Winning

In 1892 Ellen White predicted that the youth of the church, when rightly trained would help to finish the work of the gospel in all the world. “With such an army of workers as our youth, rightly trained, might furnish, how soon the message of crucified, risen and soon-coming Saviour might be carried to the whole world!  How soon might the end come-the end of suffering and sorrow and sin.” (Messages to Young People, p. 196)

  • F-CAMP  (Friendship Camp)  program is designed to assist young people to reach other young people for Christ, to expose youth to Jesus in a positive way, and to see them either accept Jesus Christ or come closer to accepting Him.
  • It is  used by the church as a vehicle for training young people in the skills of sharing their faith.  There, they can learn to express vocally and to share their own experiences with Christ;
  • To provide an environment where they can be at home and feel at ease and unafraid of creation and should learn how to live in the wilderness, to cope with natural elements.
  • F-Camp is an evangelism activities designed by Northeastern Mindanao Mission intended for the young people with scheme that is  very unique and challenging.  Part of this idea is taken from  E-CAMP program introduced by retired worker Pr. Felipe Caballero with some modifications.   Every young people will have to invite at least 2 non-sda in order for them to qualify to attend the camping.  The activities were like Pathfindering;hiking, swimming, treasure hunting, songs and yells and many more.  Of course with more emphasis in spiritual development.   They will be  divided into small groups with a minimum of 12 members.  They will have unit captain, counselors, guidon in every group.  Each unit will have facilitators who will help them in explaining the truth.
  • For this purpose we trained and organized many young people and developed them through training and seminars.  And at this time we have 820 trained facilitators who envisioned themselves to do the job in reaching out and explaining the Bible truths to non-sda believers in the camp.

There are guest speakers in every venue of the FCAMP who will focus on doctrinal messages every morning and evening devotional coupled with the Health lectures about human sexuality pertaining to avoiding irresponsible sex, drugs and narcotics focusing on alcohol and Tobacco.

Last October 27-November 2, 2011 NeMM, carried out this first  FCAMP program in seven (7) areas namely:  1) Punot, Esperanza Agusan del Sur 2) Bonbon, Butuan City, 3) Cabadbaran City 4) Loreto, Agusan del Sur, 5) Tagbina, Surigao del Sur 6) Forest Hills Academy and 7) Dinagat Island.  It’s amazing how the Lord used the young people in this kind of evangelism.    Eight Hundred Sixty (860)  precious souls were baptized.

Thru God’s providence last April 15-22, 2012, the Covina International SDA Church, California, sponsored eight (8) FCAMP in different places conducted simultaneously in 1) Sto. Tomas, Loreto Agusan del Sur 2) NEMA, Los Angelels, Butuan City 3) San Francisco, Agusan del Sur 4) Forest Hills Academy, Bayugan City  5) Lanuza, Surigao del Norte  6) Cagwait, Surigao del Sur 7) Hubgan Surigao del Norte  8) Siargao, Surigao del Norte.   The Mission  shouldered the food for the facilitators while the churches sponsored the campers’ food.

As a result  1,499 precious souls accepted Jesus thru baptism.

  • Sto. Tomas, Loreto Agusan del Sur – 148 souls
  • San Francisco, Agusan del Sur – 238 souls
  • Forest Hills Academy – 182 souls
  • NEMA Los Angeles, Butuan City – 223 souls
  • Hubgan, Surigao del Norte – 221
  • Lanuza, Surigao del Sur – 168 souls
  • Cagwait, Surigao del Sur – 198 souls
  • Siargao, Surigao del Norte – 121 souls

Some  amazing experiences were met.  A  young man with long hair confessed that he is a theft and wanted to change his life.  And after baptism he signified that he wanted to be a pastor.

A young lady was disturbed by an evil spirit while listening to the presentation, and  later was baptized and all non-sda participants were baptized too  including the Catholic sacristan.

A Baptist youth leader attended the camping because he wanted to follow the style of our camping and plan to introduce  in his congregation was also  baptized.

Many young people  addicted to alcohol and drugs were baptized including a “Gay”  and promised to follow Christ.

Another one   was baptized during  FCAMP in Sto. Tomas, Loreto, Agusan del Sur last April 22, 2012.  His greatest desire is to share the truth to his family.  With fervent prayers  and efforts together with the church elders in Kauswagan Church who helped him gave Bible studies,   his parents and brothers were baptized last July 14, 2012.

Praise the Lord for all  the energetic young people who devoted their talents in spreading the gospel.   It is now a challenge to all of us in the Mission to nurture our newly baptized members much more to the facilitators who never get tired of serving God in helping non-SDA young people know the truth.

Their efforts as facilitators were not wasted and our prayers were heard and granted when many of the non-sda Adventist participants decided to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and became  members of our church – The Seventh-day Adventist.

It will be an eternity of joy when we see “them” the fruits of our labor to be with God throughout eternity.


Loreto FCAMP Camp Director

Clinton M Dumangcas

Last year Northeastern Mindanao Mission trained young people for FCAMP Facilitators.    Many of them successfully completed the training.    One of them is Clinton M. Dumangcas, a first year student in Caraga State University, taking BS Math.  While he is in our own Academy he is active in leading Master Guide activities.  He is also the battalion commander of the school, pathfinder club in Northeastern Mindanao Academy.

Last year he was assigned in Punot, Salug Esperanza Agusan del Sur and Bonbon, Butuan City FCAMP facilitator.  Jonald Serrano, the FCAMP consultant, perceived that he can be a good Camp Director for another camping.  That’s why last April 15-21, 2012 he was assigned in Loreto District as Camp Director.

At first he wanted to decline because he felt that he is not capable of the responsibility, being young and doesn’t have any experience in handling such activities.  He is contented of being a facilitator only.   Mainly his fears were he doesn’t know the district pastors, the church elders and also the facilitators who will go with him since it involves for 3 districts.   The facilitators came from different churches how could he manage the program.  But before the FCAMP started, he was chosen to attend the Youth Alive program by the SSD in Central Philippine Adventist College last April 2-7, 2012.    The training that


he attended helped him in revising their scheduled activities and applies such knowledge in the camping.

When the camping started he felt excited because there were more non-sda young people who attended even though they don’t have complete bonding with the facilitators. He was scared at first when one of the campers was disturbed by the devil during Wednesday until Saturday morning.  Marathon prayers, Bible reading was done by the facilitators.  But it was an unforgettable experience when he saw the power of God, when the devil was driven out through the power of prayer.  Through that experience he longed to become a pastor.

Summer 2012 FCamp Loreto District

Northeastern Mindanao Mission scheduled Summer FCAMP 2012 activities for all districts that are placed in 7 campsites, Loreto district, Agusan del Sur was chosen as one of the venues.   There were 3 districts; Talacogon districts headed by Pr. Reneboy Inato, Lapaz District headed by Pr. Jaman B. Bacleran and Loreto District headed by Pr. German B. Ramos.

The same approach was used. They invite non-sda to join the camping.  Mr. Samson H. Andrade, NeMM Publishing Director is the guest speaker. Morning and evening presentation were focused doctrinal messages and the facilitators were the one who conducted direct Bible Study.

Pr. Nimrod V. Saramosing, NeMM Health Director, gave lectures about human sexuality pertaining to avoid irresponsible sex, Drugs and Narcotics focused on Alcohol and Tobacco.

Master Guide activities like the, bandaging, songs and yells, community services, treasurer hunting and many more were incorporated in the camp activities.

We have 210 registered delegates including the SDA young people attended the camp.   Last Wednesday evening until Saturday, we have thrilling experience because there was one lady who was disturbed by an evil spirit.  Because of that experience the facilitators’ team doubled their effort to have marathon prayers including personnel in the kitchen.  During evening presentation we experienced brown out because the devil did not like that the people will know the truth.   Since we have standby generator our program just continued in spite of the interruptions.  There were 3 young people who surrendered their “anting-anting”, or lucky charm.  They gave these to Pr. German B. Ramos for they wanted to accept Christ as their personal Savior.  As a result during Saturday non-sda participants, all of them were baptized.  The total baptism resulted to 148 precious souls.  The young people witnessed how the power of God has driven-out evil spirit.   Thru that experience many young people trust the Lord more.

This FCAMP is another way of spreading the gospel through youth activities. For them to be strengthened spiritually we will be providing Bible and Great Hope Book.  Thanks for our donors who have the heart in spreading the gospel.   Thank you so much!  God bless you more.


Baptized through Hope Radio

Pr. S.V. Mongaya, Michele Generales, Saturnino Generales

The  Family of Mr. & Mrs.  Saturnino Generales, in Bonbon, Butuan City,  happened to hear broadcast of HOPE Radio DXHR some time in February, 2012.  He was so curious of the religious presentations.  The music, family and youth guidance, health, sukdanan sa kamatuoran and many more attracted and inspired them so much.  After listening to different programs especially the Sukdanan sa Kamatuoran he tried to text Pr. Jerson Arellano, the host of the program, and asked many questions.  He was so inspired  because every questions  he inquired from the host  were provided immediate answers.  From then on his favorite station is DXHR.

According to him when he was in General Santos City working as fisherman his companions were Seventh-day Adventists.  He was so curious why they will not go on fishing every Saturdays.  But since he is a leader in their church, as assistant pastor in Foursquare denomination, he did not mind asking questions to his friends.  That’s why when he hears the Radio broadcast he was challenged to ask some questions because he thought that he knows everything from the Bible.  “But sad to say I am not  in the right path,” he said.  He prayed earnestly and asked guidance from the Lord regarding Sabbath keeping.  This is his main problem that hinders him to accept the truth in the Bible.  He even listed every Bible text mentioned by the broadcasters.  Through question and answer portion his shallow thinking about the truth was answered.  He now felt satisfied and fulfilled of the truth he had newly acquired.

He started attending Sabbath services in Butuan City Church and later on joined in Bonbon, Butuan City since it is nearer to their residence.

Last March 11, 2012 he was baptized together with his son Elmer Generales and his daughter Michelle by Pr. Jose Conrado Hermoso.  He is praying that his wife and other children will be baptized too sooner.

They are now attending Sabbath services faithfully in Bonbon Church, Bonbon, Butuan City.

Blind Lady Visits HOPE Radio

Devine Daguro with Pastor JA Arellano, Station Manager and Hope Radio Personnel

Devine Daguro is 31 years old, single,  lives in Brgy 15, Montilla St., Butuan City.  She works as home service massage therapist since she is blind.

Most of her time if there is no call she is in their house listening to different radio station. Last  January, 2012 during one month test broadcast of DXHR HOPE Radio Philippines, she was able to listen HOPE Radio with its religious music.   From then on she becomes an avid listener from sign in to sign off of the program.  With fervor desire to share what she heard, she invited her neighbors to tune in  to HOPE Radio Station.  She is so curious of the varied broadcasts from Family, Youth, Children and Health guidance and above all the spiritual

Devine Daguro with Cirilo Baal, Treasurer, NEMM

upliftment which is based on the Bible alone.  According to her she cannot find it in other radio stations.  Besides, she is convinced that the rest day is Sabbath.  In fact when Saturday comes, she never accept home service massage and she set aside her household chores.  She practices also not to eat pork.

Last March 9, 2012 with eagerness she visits HOPE Radio Station and met the announcers and lecturers,  She even hugged  Ma’am Nilda Caberte expressing of her happiness that she was able to meet the  personnel

Devine Daguro with Pr. Cubelo, Production Manager, Hope Radio

from HOPE Radio Philippines.  Praise the Lord for using HOPE Radio Station in reaching the unreached people through this medium.

Thanks to the lectures on Family brought to us on air by our renounced speaker, Pr. Wendell Serrano, that added so much interest and excitement to the listeners.


Hope Radio Inauguration

Northeastern Mindanao Mission of Seventh-day Adventists has long been dreaming of a Radio Station in its territory and now it has come to reality with God’s help when National Telecommunications Commission granted  a provisional authority to install, operate and maintain an AM Broadcast Station with a frequency of 1323 Khz.

1:00 o’clock in the afternoon, last January 11, 2012 Hope Radio Philippines DXHR Station was formally inaugurated and dedicated.  The Function Hall of NeMM were filled with many people from neighboring churches to witness the celebration.

Guest from Southern-Asia Pacific Division, Communication Director, Dr. Jonathan Catolico, gave an inspiring message to the brethren.  Another guests were from South Philippine Union Conference, Pastor Leonardo Asoy, the president, Pr. Nelson Paulo, Communication Director, Pr. Edwin C. Gulfan, Executive Secretary and Nuelen Sanes, HOPE Channel Manager.   Mayor Ferdinand M. Amante, Mayor of Butuan City, sent his representative  Mr. Egmedio Tidalgo, Executive Assistant 1.

All Missions/Conferences Administrators were invited but only Davao and North Central Mindanao Conference responded by sending their administrators and some directors.  Mr. Jimmy Solis from Mountain View College (MVC) was also present and even made a seminar on radio broadcasting a day before opening the radio station.

After the program a motorcade from NeMM Headquarters in Baan to Butuan City going to Bancasi was made to announce the public that we have now our on going HOPE Radio Broadcast.   Those who participated the motorcade were in uniform of black t-shirt with HOPE Radio logo riding on different kinds of vehicles. They take delights on handing out handbills and stickers to those on lookers standing nearby on the highway.

Excitement rose up in the hearts of the brethren that at last our own
Seventh-day Adventist can have religious programs and music on air at 10,000 watts on 1323 KHZ on AM Band.

With gratefulness in our hearts, we thanked the Lord above all for the accomplishment thus far and for the kind assistance extended to us by Congresswoman Daryl Grace Abayon, who helped us a lot to make this project come to reality.

For the operation and continued production of HOPE Radio now in our territory we join ourselves to have a HOPE that all of us will financially support this Radio program till Jesus comes.

New Production Staff

Station Manager

  • Pr. Jerson P. Arellano

Production Manager

  • Pr. Eugenio E. Cubelo, Jr.

News Buereau Editor

  • Jardynne D. Robantes


  • Jerry  Laig
  • Emmanuel Granada


  • Michael Claros
  • Clyde Hikilan

Chief Technician

  • Israel R. Cubelo


  • Ian Alfred Ba-al
  • Fermin Legaspi


  • Federico Lasta
  • AL Potot