Salamat “Mayor”

Solomon V. Mongaya, NeMM President

For the first time in Northeastern Mindanao Mission , a program intended to express thanks and gratitude to mayors has come to reality. The special activity is called “Salamat Mayor” Recognition Program.

Northeastern Mindanao Mission PARL hosted  the program at the mission  Function Hall at the 3rd floor of the building. It happened last August 24, 2011. At 4:00 P.M.  Fifteen Municipality mayors with the city Mayor of Butuan were cordially invited. Due to conflict of schedules of the mayors, some did not arrive. Some were sending representatives only  on their behalf.  However some were there to witness how Adventist welcome them in a program.

Dr. Jonathan C.Catolico, PARL Director, SSD

The program was really a unique one having part 1 for the welcome speech by the NEMM President Solomon V. Mongaya who made mention that the organization of Seventh-Day Adventist set-up is like that of the government because it is composed of many departments in which one of its departments, the PARL is responsible of the program of Salamat Mayor.  It was reinforced by  Pr. Nelson Paulo, SPUC PARL Director who gave  the reason why the mayors were invited . Pr. Donald E. Zabala, the HOPE Channel Director of Visayas  introduced  the speaker  Dr. Jonathan C. Catolico, PARL Director of Southern Asia – Pacific Division who  gave an inspirational message. Dr. Catolico  was the one who proposed this program to the Union and  mission counterparts through-out the Philippines and it is Butuan who responded  first under the leadership of Pr. MaxDante B. Obbus, the mission PARL Director.  After Dr. Catolico’s  inspirational message a  dedicatory prayer  was offered by him together with  Pr. Solomon Mongaya.

In part 2 all mayors present were given recognition and appreciation . A very nice trophy was handed to each of the mayors .  Butuan City Mayor Amante then gave his response.  He cited a Bible text that “ If my people shall humble themselves…then he is worthy to be recognized and thanked for.” He further said that Seventh- Day Adventists is the first religious  group who gave honors to government officials like mayors.  He has high regards on SDA’s for being partner in moral recovery.

“There was a similar program like this in our place.” Mayor Monton of Jabonga said. “But this program is a special one coming from a religious group.” , he added.  He gratefully acknowledged the SDA’s for being so quick in responding to the their needs on our welfare program  during the calamity in his municipality.

Indeed the program is very successful with the presence of “ Motivators”  singers that entertain the visitors . The musical instruments rendition of Pr Saramosing and Pr. Cena, and Alfed  Ba-al on their Saxophone and Liz Dawis on her Violin impressed them as they applauded loudly .

All guests including the staff of each mayor  were served with the palatable foods catered by the MAKUNO’s catering services.  It was a great success!

Moral Recovery Seminary Inspires BCSAT Students

Butuan City Government, DSWD CARAGA and Northeastern Mindanao Mission jointly sponsored a moral recovery seminar “ Positive Peer Prevention Program” last September 9, 2011 at the Function Hall on the 3rd floor of Northeastern Mindanao Mission.

Almost 200 Fourth Year Students and some teachers  from Butuan City School of Arts and Trade (BCSAT) were privileged to listen to the lectures on moral recovery. Mr. Cirilo S. Ba-al, NeMM treasurer welcome them and Pastor Solomon V. Mongaya , NeMM  President gave a short talk before lectures were presented.

Topics in the morning were very exciting and interesting about pre marital sex. Pastor Nimrod Saramosing, NeMM Health Director presented it  very lively and  with much enthusiasm that students were giggling when they agree to some points. Question and answer portion followed that made the students become more aware of its danger. Richard Pandeleng a Roman Catholic working student exclaimed with thumbs up “ This seminar is great!  At least I know how to evade from temptations linking to pre marital sex.”, he said. “I should have marriage first before sex.”, he added.

During group dynamics the students were very much excited but somewhat afraid when they were led by the seminar facilitators to the stairs going down on blindfold. “ I felt how hard it is to walk in the dark but I was confident and determined to follow for I trust my leader to lead me to the right path down” said Christine Mae Uygioco, an honor student. “ It is a great lesson for me “ she added.

In the afternoon, Pastor Charlie Prior, Butuan City Moral Recovery Program officer gave his lecture of “what is moral recovery ?” Then Pastor Lonie Cena had his lecture on Drugs alcohol and Tobacco in lively presentation who is  knowledgeable on this area being Master in Health.

“The seminar is very substantial. Lecturers are very good and very convincing that prepares students to do better and be morally upright.”said Wendy Poquita, another honor student.

At the end of the sessions, Mrs. Marilou Crisante, one of the teachers expressed her gratitude to the sponsors of the seminar for the wonderful opportunity afforded to the students of BCSAT in relation to their moral recovery  that can help lessen their problems in school and in the society.

Our Dream for Radio Stationhas come to Reality

The God whom we served for so long a time always share to us His wisdom and blessings to everyone of us.

Thanks to our prayers for our AM Radio Station. The Lord answered it. Our Communication Director of SSD Dr. Jonathan Catolico together with our SPUC Communication Director Pastor Nelson Paulo never did try to stop making follow-up of the approval of the Provisional Authority for our Frequency of this radio station. Just lately  the approval was given by National Telecommunication Commission (NTC) . They then told us to proceed for the construction of the transmitter tower.

Inspired by our positive assurance of God’s blessing, we decided to provide spaces  for this station during the start of the renovation of the mission office building.  Three rooms have been prepared. One room is for the recording studio, another is the broadcast studio, and the last one is the room for the technical division. We still lack one for transmitter room.

Last September 8, 2011  we made the groundbreaking for putting up  the transmitter tower with the approval of the Communication Director of SPUC. While waiting for its completion, we are also preparing to put up another room for transmitter at the back of the studio.

Hopefully by middle part of November we can have the inauguration of the station  as a way of laying it into the hands of the Lord for its prime purpose is to preach the Good News to the people  on the air.

Hope Channel Launching

Elder Edwin Gulfan, SPUC

July 29 and 30 of the year 2011 marks the successful launching of HOPE CHANNEL PHILIPPINES in Northeastern Mindanao Mission (NeMM) at Northeastern Mindanao Academy in Los Angeles, Butuan City. It was spearheaded by South Philippine Union Conference officers with the coordination of the Local mission officers and directors
Everyone was welcomed by the President of the mission Pastor Solomon V. Mongaya, and by Mrs. Nilda E. Caberte , the mission Communication Director. Almost every church in all 36 districts had sent their delegates composed of 1 elder, treasurer, and communication secretary. More than  2000 delegates and visitors intently listened to the HOPE CHANNEL Promotion especially during Sabbath. The Launching Slogan is SUPPORT HOPE CHANNEL! PUT GOSPEL ON THE AIR EVERYWHERE. EVERY MEMBER, A PARTNER.

Prosperidad SDA Church Choir

Church leaders believe that “this is the only church ministry that is able to go beyond borders. No walls, no doors to stop God’s message of Hope and love from reaching the fainting heart.”
The speakers coming from SPUC were Pastor Robert Jimenez who gave the message on Friday vesper worship. On Sabbath morning , Pastor Cecilio Lagra gave his HOPE promotional talk while Pastor Rey Cabanero  challenges everyone to support HOPE CHANNEL with the use of testimonial videos. SPUC Executive Secretary Elder Edwin C. Gulfan gave his very inspiring and challenging message to everyone during the Divine worship.
Singers from within the mission graced the programs from vesper to Sabbath. We have the” Motivators”, “Butuan City Adventist Youth Chorale”, “NEMA Ensemble” ,BCAYC Voices of Truth”, and “Prosperidad Church Choir”
In the afternoon of the Sabbath Elder Gulfan presented the Hope Channel Project updates followed by the question and answer portion. Almost everybody had the commitment to accept the challenge through their prayers and monetary support of as little as P 20/week. After the Sabbath when their HOPE offering was counted it totaled to P59,436.75. Some not only gave P20 but more than what their hearts dictate. NEMM is known as the poorest mission in the Union territory  but its members has the biggest  hearts when touched by the Holy Spirit to support the work of God.
Our Brethren had now the hope that through their continuing support they could have HOPE CHANNEL PHILIPPINES, a Christian television with culturally relevant programming for every family member.

NEMM Office Building’s Blessing and Thanksgiving Ceremony

On the day of the opening of the HOPE CHANNEL PHILIPPINES Launching last July 29,2011  the administration took the chance to invite the brethren who will attend the launching to join the thanksgiving ceremony of the new renovated building of NeMM headquarters. The function hall of the building was fully packed with brethren and visitors from different parts of the CARAGA regional territory.
Elder Edwin C. Gulfan, the Executive Secretary of SPUC gave the message on that significant occasion for the thanksgiving ceremony.  He said something  that amazed everyone that 1 particular place in Northeastern Mindanao Mission is the cradle of the ministry of the 3 important presidents, Elder Rudy Yap, Elder Solomon V. Mongaya, and himself.  It is in Barobo  where they were ordained as ministers.
He further said that our mission is the nest of offshoots. Supposed to be its membership will be drained. But this mission grew BIG just like donating blood , we grow strong and healthy.
Through the faithfulness of its members throughout the mission field, Northeastern Mindanao Mission is one of the missions that helped South Philippine Union Mission excel in financial status.
Now NeMM is one of those Missions who had successfully renovated its building just like  Davao mission, and Southern Mindanao Mission.
At the end of the blessing each one proceeded to the dining hall at the cafeteria where snacks were served to everyone. (Nilda E. Caberte)

A Church Stands in the Island of Siargao

Siargao SDA Church

Siargao is an island which is one of the tourists spots in the Philippines, It is a part of NeMM territory where we can find the Cloud 9 International Surfing Area, the Blue Lagoon near the Philippine Deep where the yearly International Fishing competition is regularly held, the beautiful sceneries of the Sohuton Cave, the attractive beaches of the place like Naked Island. All these attractions ignites peoples interests to visit the places.

Such wonderful sceneries motivated our SPUC leaders who are lovers of Nature. Mr. Levi Baliton, SPUC treasurer together with Pastor Nelson Paulo held an evangelistic Crusade. Mr. Baliton gave a nightly lectures on Family Life and Pr. Paulo conducted the Gospel lecture. It was in General Luna Gymnasium last June 2008 with a vision to build a church for new members and tourists who come and visit Siargao.

The dream indeed became materialized after having a total of 52 precious souls baptized after the crusade. The church was built and it was inaugurated and blessed on February 12, 2011. Those who graced the occasion of course were Pr Paulo and Mr. Baliton together with Retired SPUC President Pr. Wendell Serrano and Assistant Treasurer Chemuel Almocera. From Northeastern Mindanao Mission were Pr. Solomon V. Mongaya, the President, Mr. Cirilo S. Ba-al, the Treasurer, Architect Ryan Bautista who designed the church building.

On that special event the officers made another commitment for next year to have a District crusade in that island. This would really incur a big budget but behind all these will be more blessings when many souls will learn of God’s love and be brought unto His feet.

A Dream to Operate Radio AM Station in Butuan City

Northeastern Mindanao Mission (NeMM) located in Baan, Butuan City , Philippines has envisioned to have a better way to reach out people through a modern trend of communicating the gospel through radio AM Station.
This dream has been conceptualized by the administrators, directors, and pastors few years before until the challenge was so great when we see in these last days  people in all parts of the region needing the everlasting message but hard to reach them. Other religious groups attained success in doing it.  “ If they were able to make it, why can’t we?” This is what most of us believe with the help of God.
Radio program is one of the better ways in reaching out people with the good news of the love of God and the message of Hope of the second coming of Jesus Christ even to the remotest part of the region..
At this time we are in great need of an installation of studio and transmitter equipments for AM radio Broadcast station of which at present the church has no sufficient fund.  We are very positive with Faith and Hope that God would use many benevolent  people to support this project.
We are given a price quotation by many suppliers but only one has given us a lower price and it is  SUNNYBROOKE 2 Electronic Supply ( the supplier of Broadcast Equipments and accessories, (accredited by NTC) at Suite 501, The One Executive Building, 5 West Avenue, Quezon City with Email add.ntinonas(at) The total cost of the equipments is P 4,596,500.00
The immanency of the return of Jesus Christ necessitates the church using every resource possible to invite everyone to prepare for Christ return. In view of this we are soliciting our church members worldwide to pray and support our project. As a church we appreciate the positive contribution from each church member  and even from those people in different parts of the world who has the LOVE to support media ministry through a Radio AM Station  in Northeastern Mindanao Mission, Butuan City , Philippines for the realization of this dream to reach diverse people in our territory.

To donate for the Radio AM Station Project please contact the Communication Director or the Treasurer of Northeastern Mindanao Mission.

Thanks, and God Bless.


IP’s in Coro Received Christmas Gifts

The Mamanwa Tribe is the group of ( IP’s) Indigenous People living in a sitio of Coro, a place which is about 5 kilometers from the municipality of Jabonga, Agusan del Norte.
Last December 2010, a group from Northeastern Mindanao Mission made a surprise visit to the place with their vehicle loaded with Christmas gifts packed in colored cellophanes for individual family. The group was headed by President Pastor Solomon V. Mongaya . With him are some directors Mrs. Leonor Mongaya, the Family Life Director, the ACS coordinator Pastor Jerson Arellano with his wife Merlyn, the Gospel outreach Missionaries Mr.& Mrs. Perfecto Tecson , Mrs. Elizabeth Medina, sister of the president and some brethren from Jabonga. This Mamanwa tribe has just been visited by the missionaries prior to the gift distribution. They were very much welcomed by the tribe there while staying in their place for quite a time. So to support the program of the missionaries , our Mission ACS coordinator Pr. Arellano proposed to the president of the gift-giving which he thought can make the tribe feel the love of Christ through this humanitarian endeavor. The support was taken from the remaining budget of the Adventist community Services (ACS) Fund for 2010 with the additional budget coming from the Mission Treasury. Two hundred eighty-five families (285) were the lucky recipients of the Christmas gifts.The Mamanwas really were very much thankful for the blessings they never have expected in their whole life. All of them rejoiced expressing their gratitude in addition to their glad and joyful heart. They said that the Seventh- Day Adventists Church was the first religious group to have given gifts to them on Christmas which they really appreciated very much..At this time, we hope that we can fulfill our mission to have the Everlasting Gospel be penetrated to the indigenous people throughout the Caraga Region.
Our missionaries there are very enthusiastic to be able to build up an indigenous seventh-day Adventist Church in that territory for they were able to acquire a lot from the municipal government for this sacred purpose. It needs our fervent prayer .
May God bless these people and our brethren there.

Butuan City Mayor Welcomes NeMM Officers and Staff’s Courtesy Call

Pastor S.V. Mongaya and Mayor Amante

January 3, is the first day of duty to all public and private employees for the year 2011. NeMM officers, directors and staff were previleged to see Mayor Ferdinand Amante, the City Mayor of Butuan through City Councilor Ryan Culima who fascilitated our visit to offer a song and an intercessory  prayer for his leadership this year and until the end of his term. .

It was raining cats and dogs that day. People are getting busy and alert and cautious due to the heavy downpour that might affect their residences. Despite of the busy schedule of the mayor to attend to the needs of his constituents he still welcomes us with a great smile who acknowledged our presence with warm greetings by expressing his gratitude to the Seventh-Day Adventists who had helped him so much in his career especially for the city’s moral recovery program.

Our group presented a short program. Ian T. Ba-al played his saxophone. Then a duet of Pastor Ruel  Arrogante and Joseph Vicente followed. Then 3 prayers were offered  by Pr. Arrogante, Pr. Bernabe Caballero Jr., and culminated by Ptr. Solomon V. Mongaya.

In the midst of us we observed that the Mayor is really a lover of music as he intently listened to the song and even the

saxophone solo. Most of all he thanked the prayers offered for him and for his workers in the city hall.

We went back to the NeMM office after we were served with snacks in the mayor’s office. But as we travel back therewas still heavy rain where most of the barangays in the city were flooded. But we hope that the mayor has all the strength he needs over these great challenges ahead after having been blessed by our visit and of course the wisdom and the strength that never fails that only comes from God.

Bayugan District Holds Education Rally

The word Rally sometimes is misconstrued as something violent if we refer it to rallies done by other elements of the society against the government. . But to the Education Department of Northeastern Mindanao Mission it is something very important for the Adventist constituents to be more informed of the importance of Adventist education to the lives of their own children and know their roles as parents and as a church.
February 20, 2010, the whole district of Bayugan City under the leadership of Pastor Joel Talledo held an education rally at the Comprehensive High School Gymnasium . The 2 churches within the city closed during this Sabbath with the purpose to allow the brethren to attend the rally at the Gym  .
The invited guests were Dr. Ildefonso F. Faigmani, SPUC Education Director., Dr. Yolando A. Queruela, SPUC Associate Education Director. In attendance were elders,and  members of every church belonging to the Bayugan District, Mrs. Nilda E. Caberte, NeMM Education Director, Mr. Romel Subigca, NEMA Principal, Teachers and selected students from San Francisco SDA Elementary School and Butuan City Mission Academy also graced the occasion. .
The whole day of the Sabbath was  intended to programs and lectures on Education. It was a sort of variety show of all students invited to present their different talents in Music , and speeches through sermonette.  But the main part of the program was the lecture on Education.
What was stressed on the lecture was the writing of Mrs. Ellen G. White in counsels to Parents Teachers and students page. 165. “ The Lord is interested in the salvation  of our children, thus He appointed the church as watchman , to have a jealous care over the youth and children …”
The Lord use the church school as an aid to the parents in educating and preparing their children for this time before us. Then let the church take hold of the school work in earnest and make it what the Lord desires it to be. (CTPTS p 167)
To be well informed of the benefits of Adventist Education , one hour before the commitment service was an open forum. Several questions were raised, and were satisfactorily answered by the educators until everybody slowed down and made their commitment to truly support the church school that will soon be opened in Bayugan.
The action plan was made and organized with the hope that everybody must be involved in preparing the school that prepares children to become responsible citizens in this world and in the world to come.