Butuan City Mission Academy Elementary Department


BUTUAN CITY MISSION ACADEMY ELEMENTARY DEPARTMENT:  “The School that prepares Children for Eternity.”

The school envisioned to produce healthy God-fearing and value-driven learners, prepare them for the joy of service in this world and in the world to come.

Mission Statement:
To provide a dynamic and supportive academic environment which develop competent, morally upright, spiritually-inspired responsible individuals through quality education based Christian values and high standard of instruction.

School Philosophy:
Butuan City Mission Academy believes that man was created in the image of his creator, and ensures that the youth may receive a balanced intellectual, religious, vocational, social and physical education in harmony with God who is the source of all knowledge and wisdom.  It recognizes that the redemptive aim of true education is to restore human beings in the image of his maker.

LOVE which is the basis of creation, and redemption is the basis of true education.  It means that in the whole being; the body, and mind and soul, the image of God is restored. (Education p. 16)