Hope – that Brings Closer to the Redeemer

Left: Bro. Trifon Felicia wearing a yellow shirt.

“In 2014, started to doubt my religion.  I told myself that if there are other religions that established their beliefs on the Bible I will give it a chance,” said Bro. Felicia.

Bro. Trifon Felicia has considered the importance of Salvation through Jesus Christ.  He likes to read the Bible and discovered many things that is in contradict with the doctrine of his religion.  One day he decided to buy a radio, while scanning to the different station, he discovered 93.5 DXIM as a Christian radio station and became an avid listener.

He decided to study the Bible and at the same time send questions to “Sukdanan sa Kamatuoran” about the things that he doesn’t understand.  It is his desire to really find the true religion and discover that the Seventh-day Adventist has its foundation in the Word of God.

I decided to find a church and Pr. Ben Rosales arranged my baptism.  I even prepared money to pay for my baptism, but Bro. Tirso Lagumbay – an anchor of the radio program “Lamparahan ug Dangpanan” who happened to be an elder of the Church told me, that I don’t need to pay for my baptism.

I was baptized at Ampayon Seventh-day Church and I am now a member of Sigla Seventh-day Adventist Church.  “I am so thankful to God that there is Hope Radio that enlightens me about God’s word and I am encouraging everyone to continue to pray for the Hope Radio, its financial needs and the listeners, because I know the Holy Spirit is working and inviting people for heaven,” he added.