Mission-wide Literature Evangelists Praise and Thanks Fellowship

Photo Credit:  AH Molo

Pr. Ven Bermudez-Publishing Director, SSD Photo Credit: AH Molo

February 18-20, 2016.  For three days, Literature Evangelists all over Caraga Region gathered to give praise and thank to our Almighty Father for the blessings he out poured for the year 2015. Under the leadership of Bro. Samson Andrade, our NeMM Publishing Ministries Director, and Bro. Welly Molo, Butuan Branch PPH Manager, we are able to exceed our 9.5 Million goal to almost 12 Million.

The fellowship started Thursday afternoon with the theme: “Whole World Total Membership Involvement through Literature. It proceeded with devotionals, testimonies, and games.

The Fellowship was not only filled with testimonies but also was visited by guest speakers from our Mission, Union, and Division. Sir Cirilo Baal, our NeMM Treasurer, gave us inspiration to “Forward Ever, Backward Never” during the Vesper’s Meeting. Pr. Rey Cabanero, our SPUC Publishing Ministries Director, gave spark of energy to our Evangelists by promoting incentives and activities for this year and the years to come. Elder Bermudez, our SSD Publishing Ministries Director, lit the fire of hope for everyone emphasizing on this year’s theme: “Reaching the World: World Membership Involvement through Literature by Influence.” During the Hour of Worship, he stressed that Ellen G. White encourages every member – as disciples, that it is a must to be involved in our mission that our work may be finished. He gave importance on us “Reaching the World” and the danger of “the world reaching to us” and he reminds everyone that some of our members have a disease called AIDS – Adventists in Deep Sleep.

There are those who are waiting, watching, and working for the Lord’s coming. There is still so much to do. Here in our field are souls we need to reach. There are so many reasons why we should be involved, but the best of them is because of the love of God. He loves us and we love Him. Hand in hand let us work together. United let us finish the task – the responsibility, endowed upon us. [AH Molo]

NEMM: Arise and Train


“Arise and Train:  Jesus is Coming” – the theme of the program that was successfully organized by the Personal Ministries Department headed by Pastor Jerry E. Taguno and Pr. Jerson P. Arellano last March 21-22, 2016 at NEMM Headquarters.  The purpose is to enhance the ability to train future evangelists in the church and successfully mentor others in discipleship.  This is a step to a massive training of evangelists that will be conducted to every districts in the quarter of the year.

Pr. Jerson P. Arellano – an experienced trainer of evangelists emphasized the importance of church growth and the total involvement in having a quantitative and qualitative church growth.  He also added the importance of the dedication of trainers and their conviction to a great responsibility of mentoring, creating a spirit of determination, and above all, a personal commitment to trust on His Divine power and the work of the Holy Spirit.

The training was attended by the district pastors, district leaders, church pastors and gospel outreach workers which at the same time will conduct training to their church members during the second quarter of the year 2016.  The goal is to trained a hundred evangelists in every district – a challenge that every district pastors and leaders accept wholeheartedly. [MR Pepito]

Sison District: Sison Center’s Family Retreat


The Sison Center SDA Church held its first family retreat in a beautiful Island of Banban, Taganaan, Surigao del Sur.  This is a plan of the church together with Pr. Noel Gerona to apply the IEL program to foster a closer relationship between family members.  It was a three days and two nights events that focus on understanding the role of the members of the family (husband, wife, parents, children).

The invited guest speakers were Mrs. Marivic L. Saramosing – the current Family Life Ministries Director together with her husband Pr. Nimrod V. Saramosing – the executive secretary.  They are both working at the head office of the Seventh-day Adventist in Caraga Region.  Aside from the lectures, the youth prepared a program on Sunday that involves group activities and swimming, while some of the men went fishing.

Pr. Gerona is thankful to the Salvadors for hosting the family retreat and for their kindness to let us used their facilities.  This event was made possible because of them.  May God will continually bless them in their ministry, he added.

Keeping a family plays an important role in keeping the people in the church.

BCMA: Week of Prayer 2016


BCMA: Teachers and Students Praying together

Every year the Butuan City Mission Academy (BCMA) Elementary Department continued its spiritual program that teach students to have a closer relationship with God.  The students experienced this week the powerful revelation of “Jesus the Creator” – the theme of this year’s week of prayer.


Week of Prayer Speaker: Pastor Agapito M. Orendain – Stewardship Director – NEMM

Pastor Agapito M. Orendain spiritually prepared God’s message for the children in a manner that interest them.  He carefully designs questions that brings the children into deep understanding about Jesus as the Creator.  During the culmination program, two students received a devotional book “#PowerUp” for answering questions from his week of prayer messages.

Week of Prayer is a part of the school’s program.  It promotes the development of the spiritual aspects of life.  It is a time where teachers and students joined together to ask for the Lord’s blessings and to delve into the word of God that develops a special relationship with Him.

Arise! Shine! Jesus is Coming


“Arise! Shine! Jesus is Coming” the theme of the 13th General Constituency Meeting of the Seventh-day Adventists.  There are two hundred fifty two (252) official delegates and fourteen (14) special coming from different sectors of the Seventh-day Adventists in Caraga region.   The resource speakers of the devotional are Administrators and department directors from the South Philippine Union Conference – the Adventist headquarters in Mindanao and leaders from Southern Mindanao Mission, Davao Mission, Zamboanga Peninsula Mission, Western Mindanao Conference and North Central Mindanao Conference.

The constituents also elected the department directors that will serve the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Caraga Region from January 1, 2016-December 31, 2020.   These directors will serve together with the newly elected administrators of Northeastern Mindanao Mission.

These are the new set of officers of the Northeastern Mindanao Mission:

President – Pr. Max Dante Obbus
Executive Secretary – Pr. Nimrod Saramosing
Treasurer – Cirilo Baal
Ministerial Secretary – Pr. Rafael de Domingo
SS/PM/ADRA/ASI – Pr. Jerry Taguno 
Stewardship / Legal-Trust Services – Pr. Agapito Orendain 
Communication – Pr. Eugenio Cubelo, Jr.
Health /IEL- Pr. Lonie Cena
SI/Womens/Family Life – Marivic L. Saramosing
ChM/Education – Perlyn Panes
Publishing / Spirit of Prophecy – Samson Andrade 
Youth /MAS – Pr. Nilo Seda

The program ended with the commitment prayer of Pr. Antonio V. Pamunag, asking for blessings and guidance of the new set of officers.

It is a wonderful experience to participate this sacred meeting and appreciate the system realizing that God is in control of everything.

SPUC Celebrates 50th Anniversary

50th anniversary

November 18, 2015 the South Philippine Union Conference (SPUC) of the Seventh-day Adventist celebrated their 50th Anniversary with the theme “Serving God, Loving Each Other, Caring for Others.”  The event started with a motorcade led by the officers of the SPUC, together with the CARS – an organization of motor riders under the Adventist Community Service of the Seventh-day Adventist Church of North Central Mindanao Conference, and the delegates from different missions and conferences composed of pastors and elders of the church.  The opening program was held at the SPUC Garden Church with Pastor Violeto Bocala-the former president of the Southern Asia Pacific Division as the keynote speaker.

In 1951, the request to divide the country into two union missions was granted by the General Conference.  The North Philippine Union Mission for Luzon and South Philippine Union for Visayas, Mindanao and Sulu Archipelago.  In 1965, SPUM was divided into two missions.  Central Philippine Union Mission for the Visayas South Philippine Union Mission for Mindanao.  In August 4-6, 1995, the General Conference and the Asia Pacific Division decided to upgrade the South Philippine Union Mission to a conference status.

Let us continue to worship God and be a part of His ministry till Jesus comes.  To the South Philippine Union Conference, Happy 50th Anniversary.



Mangagoy: Women’s Ministries Feeding Program


The Women’s Ministries department in coordination with the church’s Health department and the family of Atty. Alfredo Carmelo sponsored a feeding and clean up drive program to reach out to the community. The group already started several  areas of Mangagoy and neighboring barangays.

On August 30, 2015, the group visited Purok 9 and 11 of Kalubian, Brgy. Tabon, Bislig City for a feeding program.  It started with songs, character-building stories, and health tips about diet – to promote healthy lifestyle. Parents and children were very happy in participating the program.

The Women’s Ministries served to more than a hundred children and adults that day.


Adventist Church’s Southern Asia Pacific Region (SSD) Elects New President


Pr. Leonard R Asoy

Leonardo R Asoy is elected president of the Adventist church in the southern Asia-pacific region (SSD) after a vote from the nominating committee during the 60th General Conference Session of the Adventist church in San Antonio, Texas.

On July 6, at 5:15pm, a loud applause heard from the SSD delegation, which followed one of the most important decisions, made for the regional territory after Asoy’s name was announced.

Asoy was born and raised in Mindanao (southern Philippines) and graduated from Mountain View College in 1983 with a degree in Theology.

His dedication and commitment for the Lord and the mission work led him to serve as district pastor in the church’s Western Mindanao Conference in Ozamis City in 1983 and then youth director from 1988-1990. In 1990, he finished a Master in Pastoral Studies at the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies in Cavite, Philippines. He was called to serve in South Philippine Union Conference (SPUC) in 1991 as Youth Director and as Sabbath School and Personal Ministries director in 1996. In 2003, he was called to an administrative role as president of Davao Mission and was called back after a year to be Ministerial Secretary in SPUC.

Asoy accepted a call for him to serve as SSD Sabbath School/Personal Ministries director in 2007. In 2011 till his recent election, he was president of SPUC.

He is married to Elma Vasques and both have grown children, Elnardz and Shawnette who are both registered nurses.

Asoy takes the place of Alberto C Gulfan Jr. who served as SSD president for two terms. Gulfan recently announced his retirement this year. [Gay Deles/Adventist News Dispatch]

Discipleship and Nurturing Workshop


“Bible study and baptism are not the end of our labor but the beginning of discipleship and nurturing says Pr. Bernabe M. Dahunan, the director of the Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Department of the Adventists in Caraga  Region.  Our training to the leaders of the church will continue in helping the newly baptized adventists to be a matured Christian.  The Office of the Sabbath School and Personal Ministries department in connection with the Discipleship and Nurturing Department is conducting a series of workshops here at Caraga Region.

Pr. Bernabe M. Dahunan emphasized the importance of discipleship and nurturing program. It aims to develop matured Christians that would spread the gospel message not only in words but also in action.  We are blest to have Pastor Rogelio Nomus – the director of the Discipleship and Nurturing Department as our guest lecturer/speaker on this workshop.

The intention is to provide workshops to four strategic areas to encourage the churches in Caraga to send their delegates.

These are the four strategic places, the date and the participating districts.

July 8-11, 2015 Barobo

  • Hinatag
  • Bislig
  • Mangagoy/Lingig
  • San Francisco

July 22-25, 2015  Butuan City

  • Butuan Sub.
  • Ampayon
  • Cabadbaran
  • Buenavista
  • Las Nieves / Tungao

July 29-August 1, 2015 Trento

  • Veruela/Sta. Josefa
  • Loreto
  • Rosario
  • Trento

August 19-22, 2015 Bayugan East

  • Sibagat
  • Esperanza
  • Olive
  • Carmel
  • New Moriah
  • Prosperidad I & II
  • Talacogon
  • Lapaz
  • Salug

“I am inviting the church elders, care group leaders, laymen and personal ministries leader to join the workshop,” said Pr. Dahunan.  The delegates must prepare Php100.00 to avail the workshop materials.

For more information contact your district leaders/pastors or your church elders.

The Best of Life Seminar


The Seventh-day Adventist Church helps promote the Moral Recovery Program of the Local Government Unit of Bislig City by facilitating “The Best of Life Seminar.” It is a seminar that aims to provide the listeners knowledge about health, remedies of common illnesses at home, and brings spiritual enlightenment to the next level. It is held at Covered Court, Caramcam District, Mangagoy, Bislig City.

Aside from the nightly seminar, Bislig City Councilor Hon. Atty. Alfredo J. Carmelo and his family sponsored the feeding program, assisted by the Women’s Ministries and Youth Department of Mangagoy Seventh-day Adventist Central Church.

During the opening night, Hon. Jonas A. Cacayan – the vice mayor of Bislig City spoke and inspired the attendees about the importance of the spiritual aspect of life. It was followed by the message from the Word by Cirilo S. Ba-al Vice President for Finance of the Adventists in Caraga Region.

The one-week seminar started on June 7, 2015 and ends on June 13, 2015. Thirty-nine (39) were baptized that day and joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Northeastern Mindanao Mission and the Adventist of Lingig/Mangagoy District sponsored the Seminar.