The Weak Mighty Man

Judges 16:28

Then Samson prayed to the Lord, “O sovereign Lord, Remember me O God, please strengthen me just once more, and let me with one blow get revenge on the Philistines for my two eyes.


Samson was a very strong good looking man, but very low in his moral. He was the coming great leader to his people but was not able to  guard his feelings and love for women.  Samson was the most promising king of Israel but was not able to enjoy the privilege to serve and has lost his throne because of his own doing.  Samson was young and energetic man. He had dreams in life just like all of us. But sometimes in his journey as a young man, he lost his focus and was not able to manage the inner portion of his life. He has the physical strength but he was weak on his decisions, he has a good outward appearance but a corrupt soul.
Samson was not able to march on the isles of the church to enjoy a good marriage. He did not enjoy the life as a father for he doesn’t have children at all. He never had experience to build his own home.  He was a lonely man who lost his will to be a strong man not maybe physically but strong especially on the trying times. Samson did not experience to be a good husband to a good wife. He was a type of person who gets what he wants. No body could say no to him.  Even his parents wasn’t able to stop him.


  1. Wrong Plan – Planning without God’s direction.
  2. Wrong Place – a place that he is vulnerable.
  3. Wrong Woman – attracted to a woman who doesn’t believe in God.
  4. Wrong Relationship – having relationship with the ungodly woman.
  5. Wrong Choice – he could have listen to his parents but he chooses not to.
  6. Wrong Marriage – his marriage was unpopular.
  7. Wrong decision – it is all because of making wrong decision


Samson experienced:

  1. Broken heart
  2. Broken dreams
  3. Broken relationship
  4. Broken home
  5. Broken commitment
  6. Broken relationship to God
  7. Broken EYES and may be BONES

From the downfall of Samson’s life, he began to realized that he needs to rebuild everything in his life. He did it right in the CORNER of prison cell of Philistines. He rebuild his:

  1. His relationship to God
  2. His dedication
  3. His  spiritual life
  4. His commitment
  5. His physical strength
  6. His Love not to a woman but to his God

Samson spent his years in the service for the Philistines. All the times the prison cell became his worship hall. It was in that corner Samson started to shine. It was in that prison cell he rebuild everything. His hairs grew slowly unnoticed by the Philistines, his physical strength slowly recover, stronger than ever before. It was in that corner samson renew his commitment to God and it was there where he experience a complete forgiveness of all his mistakes and started all over again as a new man.  When his eyes were taken, he saw the love, plan, and the purpose of God for him.

The life of Samson was just to remind everyone us that if ever we have gone away from God, we need to comeback show the best we can to Him. Samson made mistakes, lost his way to be great judge and king of Israel. He never wears the crown as king but he became hero of God. To the christian world as we embark this life’s journey we may not be able to do the right things in the sight of God but just like Samson we will make a great comeback. In the corner of your office, your school, in your job just shine your light and brightens your corner wherever you are. During the early part of Samson’s life he wasn’t able to shine his light properly, but at during the last part of his life he was able to shine his light because the Glory of God shines upon him.


  1. He was knock down but he not out.
  2. He had gone away from God but made a great comeback.
  3. He died with a happy heart in God
  4. He died as great hero of faith


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