Hope Radio Listener Baptized


I am DINDO PALA LASALA Residing at Emenvil Subdivision, Butuan City Magsaysay.  I am going to share with you how God called me.

I was once a student at a Bible College in Butuan City.  I am taking BTh (Theology) to be a Pastor in one of the Religious Organization that went to church every Sunday.  But I stopped studying; instead I worked draftsman at Las Nieves Municipal Engineer’s Office.

I was a leader in a Rebel group that aims to separate people from Mindanao from the Imperialism of Manila.   Last 1997, I was chosen to be a leader in a Tribe of Higa-onon in Bunaguit, Ezperanza, Agusan del Sur as “Datu, Manlauman.” I stand as one of the active leaders in that tribe and continued my vices.  As a leader in a big group I need to ask God for wisdom as King’s Solomon did in His time.

While I continued my vices, my wife kept on praying that I may be enlighten for the truth that my wife believes, because she was once a Seventh Day Adventist but stopped to go to church when we got married.


Dindo Lasala and his wife with Pr. German Ramos and Family

I could say I am a successful man.  I had a lot of accomplishment, I have a power to control everything surrounds me, but I felt the emptiness in my life.  In the wee hour of January 2, 2014, God talked to me by my conscience.  He says, YOU ARE ALWAYS ASKING ME FOR A WISDOM, BUT YOU CAN NO’T RECEIVE IT BECAUSE OF YOUR VICES, I HAVE GIVEN YOU ALL  THAT YOU NEED, I ANSWERED YOUR REQUEST BUT YOU NEGLECT IT AND CONTINUE DOING THINGS THAT YOU ENJOYED AND THAT IS NOT  IN ACCORDANCE TO MY WILL.  YOU HAVE BLINDED ON YOUR OWN SMOKE.  At that time, I realized God answered my wife’s prayer.  Then, I knelt in prayer asking God to forgive me for all my shortcomings and promise to get back to Him to trust Him and obey Him.

I was so thankful to God for giving to me my wife Merlyn that prayed for me, helped me and guide me to know His living God.  All the things of this earth God gave to his beloved sons and daughters.

I was an avid listener of the Hope Radio Program and I was enlightened by one of the programs hosted by Pr. Jerson P. Arellano, Sukdanan Sa Kamatuoran that time I was eager to study more of God’s word.  I continued to study the Bible with Pastor German Ramos in their residence and also during the Sabbath School Congress in Mountain View College..

I accepted Jesus Christ as my Personal Savior through Baptism on my birthday on May 24, 2014 together with my wife during the Sabbath School Congress in MVC.

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