Miracle Behind “Typhoon Pablo”


Philippines is visited by a strongest typhoon last December 4, 2012  packing maximum sustained winds of 140 knots (259 kilometers per hour), “Pablo” (international name Bopha).  It’s very painful to all people who have lost their homes, crops for their livelihood and above all lost the lives of their loved ones.

In Loreto District, Loreto Agusan del Sur most of their farm products banana, rubber, palm oil, falcata were totally damaged.  Three of our churches were totally wrecked.  But churches who have solid foundations were slightly damaged. It’s a blessing that in San Mariano SDA Church stand firm when “Pablo” hit the area.  All of the other denominational churches were totally smashed-down but our church stood firm facing the strong winds and rains.

Mr. Sagarino, the deacon, went immediately to the church to open the door because the people were terrified.  When he arrived, the church was already opened full of evacuees.  He was surprised why it was opened when he is the keeper of the key.    They believed that it was an angel who rescued the people in opening the door.   People flocked to our church  because their houses, crops,  were damaged.

When Pablo tyhoon hit their place it was their scheduled-week of prayer meeting, their church were full because of the evacuees.  Because of that scenario many listened to the word of God.

In Sto. Tomas, Loreto Agusan del Sur   their church ventured to plant one (1) hectare corn for the church renovation.    It was a miraculous scene when all of the neighboring cornfields, banana, rubber and etc. were destroyed and the project of the church remained firm in the midst of the Pablo storm.   Last December 10, they were able to harvest their corn.  Praise the Lord for the great protection.

In spite of the storm, they were thankful that it occurred during day time because they can notice the galvanized iron (GI) sheets roofing flew off  by the strong winds.  A backslider went out from his house  afraid that it will fall  down, but on his way a roof  carried by the strong wind hit him. Amazingly the galvanized iron folded it’s on part and he was not badly  hurt.   It gave him a message that he will go back to attend church worship because the Lord protected him in spite of his non-appearance to the church for more than 10 years.

In Loreto District alone three churches were totally damaged.  Our brethren can no longer joined together in worshiping God.

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