NEMM: Four Ministers Ordained


Last December 4, 2014 during the opening of the Spirit of Prophecy and Leadership seminar held at Northeastern Mindanao Academy in Butuan City, four pastors – Pr. Ariel Bagnol, Pr. Robert Goyo, Pr. Victor Ligsay and Pr. Nilo Seda were ordained as ministers to the gospel.

The ordination ceremony was performed after the keynote message of Pr. Leonardo Asoy – the president of the South Philippine Union Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (SPUC) that supervise Mindanao. Ordained ministers led by Pr. Ven Bermudez – the Publishing Director of the Southern Asia Pacific Division (SSD), Pr. Leonardo Asoy and Pr. Danielo Palomares – the Ministerial Secretary of SPUC carried out the ordination ceremony. After the ordination, Merna Pamunag – the Director of the Shepherdess International welcomed the wives of the newly ordained ministers to the Shepherdess International – the organization of ministers’ wives.


L-R: Pr. and Mrs. Robert Goyo, Pr. and Mrs. Ariel Bagnol, Pr. and Mrs. Nilo Seda, Pr. and Mrs. Victor Ligsay

The ordination was a result of the approval of the executive committee based on the decision made by the Council of Ordained Ministers of Northeastern Mindanao Mission (NEMM) chaired by Pastor Antonio V. Pamunag, the president of the Mission.

Pr. Ariel Bagnol and his wife are now serving Mt. Olive District. Pr. Robert Goyo and his wife Pr. Victor Ligsay and his wife are serving Prosperidad I District and Pr. Nilo Seda and his wife are serving Siargao Island

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