The Promise Rainbow of Love and My New Vow to God

Have you seen a rainbow on a very peculiar place?  But oh! It happened, with a great amazement.

I am an old widow who is going to celebrate my 90th birthday on June 14, 2010.  Though I am so old, but Alzheimer’s disease dreaded on me. The Holy Spirit drives it from me, for I am very close to my God through my faith and my incessant prayers.  As for humanity, I am really weak, from my waist to my feet, for my feet are numb.  But to the upper part of my body, the three H are accurately and actively functioning, my Heart, Hand and Head.  My brain is Godly influenced with fresh memory that I can memorize text, verses and songs during worship.  I could still preach during my turn on the divine worship, a sermon about Home, my specialty as I am a leader of Family Life.

My son-in law Sixto Eyana, a very keen observant of what still could I do, planned to celebrate my 90th birthday with a grand celebration.  My sons and daughter in-laws together with children agreed with the plan.  They contributed means and nice plans for a grand celebration of my 90th birthday.

On June 13th everything was prepared, and a white big cow was butchered.  As I saw the enthusiasm of my children-in laws together with my children, I was exulted and thanking the Lord for their sincerity.

They prepared a special program to be held in the church. We invited Pastor Solomon V. Mongaya to give an inspiring message for that grand occasion, as we have so many unbeliever visitors, my co-members in our Senior Citizen Association.

The party should be at the School and Church yard with the tent and dining table nicely decorated, as it is in the church.  Being the celebrant, my children requested me to wear a nice gown for this special and grand occasion.

June 14th came. Everything was nicely prepared. The place for the food to be kept before serving, and utensils to be used for the party and materials for the program were all ready.

I was joyfully awakened with someone’s voice that said, “Everything is nicely prepared.”  I got up from my bed with thanksgiving in my heart.  How happy I felt to be 90 years old.  Thanks be to God for prolonging my years.  Then I slowly peered at my window, and saw the gloomy skies.  How my heart fainted with the gloom I saw, I thought the Lord was offended for that grand celebration to be.  So I bended my knees in prayer asking the Lord for forgiveness, and poured out my heartaches with tears.  I humbly asked the Lord to give us a sign if He has loved us and being forgiven.  While continuing my fervent prayer, a shout disturbed my supplication with a shout of astonishment.  “Look! Very wonderful!  Mamay is being loved by God, for a wonderful rainbow shines,” someone said.   I ceased my prayer and surprisingly looked out of the window where I saw the gloomy skies before, but now a shiny rainbow of God’s love.  One end of the rainbow was just above the roof of Northeastern Mindanao Academy and the other end was above the roof of our home.  “Wonderful, Praise God!” I said to myself.

The program that was held in the church at 2:00-4:00 p.m. on that day was nicely performed by the participation of the Senior Citizens, especially their nice offering of their gifts to the celebrant.  The inspiring message of Pastor Mongaya was remarkably printed in the hearts and minds of the congregation.

The Party followed after the program. The food satisfied them all, and the wonderful rainbow was the theme of their amazements as they were going home.  But for me it is a new vow to God in response to the sign, Rainbow of Love.

[Mamay Flor Orillosa is the mother of Danny, the Implementation and Training Manager of Sun Plus in General Conference SDA World Headquarters Treasury in  USA]

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