A Dream to Operate Radio AM Station in Butuan City

Northeastern Mindanao Mission (NeMM) located in Baan, Butuan City , Philippines has envisioned to have a better way to reach out people through a modern trend of communicating the gospel through radio AM Station.
This dream has been conceptualized by the administrators, directors, and pastors few years before until the challenge was so great when we see in these last days  people in all parts of the region needing the everlasting message but hard to reach them. Other religious groups attained success in doing it.  “ If they were able to make it, why can’t we?” This is what most of us believe with the help of God.
Radio program is one of the better ways in reaching out people with the good news of the love of God and the message of Hope of the second coming of Jesus Christ even to the remotest part of the region..
At this time we are in great need of an installation of studio and transmitter equipments for AM radio Broadcast station of which at present the church has no sufficient fund.  We are very positive with Faith and Hope that God would use many benevolent  people to support this project.
We are given a price quotation by many suppliers but only one has given us a lower price and it is  SUNNYBROOKE 2 Electronic Supply ( the supplier of Broadcast Equipments and accessories, (accredited by NTC) at Suite 501, The One Executive Building, 5 West Avenue, Quezon City with Email add.ntinonas(at)yahoo.com. The total cost of the equipments is P 4,596,500.00
The immanency of the return of Jesus Christ necessitates the church using every resource possible to invite everyone to prepare for Christ return. In view of this we are soliciting our church members worldwide to pray and support our project. As a church we appreciate the positive contribution from each church member  and even from those people in different parts of the world who has the LOVE to support media ministry through a Radio AM Station  in Northeastern Mindanao Mission, Butuan City , Philippines for the realization of this dream to reach diverse people in our territory.

To donate for the Radio AM Station Project please contact the Communication Director or the Treasurer of Northeastern Mindanao Mission.

Thanks, and God Bless.


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