Baptized through Hope Radio

Pr. S.V. Mongaya, Michele Generales, Saturnino Generales

The  Family of Mr. & Mrs.  Saturnino Generales, in Bonbon, Butuan City,  happened to hear broadcast of HOPE Radio DXHR some time in February, 2012.  He was so curious of the religious presentations.  The music, family and youth guidance, health, sukdanan sa kamatuoran and many more attracted and inspired them so much.  After listening to different programs especially the Sukdanan sa Kamatuoran he tried to text Pr. Jerson Arellano, the host of the program, and asked many questions.  He was so inspired  because every questions  he inquired from the host  were provided immediate answers.  From then on his favorite station is DXHR.

According to him when he was in General Santos City working as fisherman his companions were Seventh-day Adventists.  He was so curious why they will not go on fishing every Saturdays.  But since he is a leader in their church, as assistant pastor in Foursquare denomination, he did not mind asking questions to his friends.  That’s why when he hears the Radio broadcast he was challenged to ask some questions because he thought that he knows everything from the Bible.  “But sad to say I am not  in the right path,” he said.  He prayed earnestly and asked guidance from the Lord regarding Sabbath keeping.  This is his main problem that hinders him to accept the truth in the Bible.  He even listed every Bible text mentioned by the broadcasters.  Through question and answer portion his shallow thinking about the truth was answered.  He now felt satisfied and fulfilled of the truth he had newly acquired.

He started attending Sabbath services in Butuan City Church and later on joined in Bonbon, Butuan City since it is nearer to their residence.

Last March 11, 2012 he was baptized together with his son Elmer Generales and his daughter Michelle by Pr. Jose Conrado Hermoso.  He is praying that his wife and other children will be baptized too sooner.

They are now attending Sabbath services faithfully in Bonbon Church, Bonbon, Butuan City.


  1. Jeffrey E. Macababat says:

    God is good…im happy that now it’s easy to tell people about the love of our Jesus Christ.Im happy to hear that hope radio in our place was already started.And im happy to say the people in cebu province can hear also the hope radio in butuan..Now I’m in Caleriohan, Dalaguete, Cebu as a 1000 missionary.God bless hope radio and more power!!!!!!!!!!


  2. jinggoi says:

    gud day , naa bay online site nga ma dungog ang SUKDANAN SA KAMATUORAN? tnx. di man gud maka abot ang signal sa amo a. tandag area. tnx

  3. hi Jinggoi,
    Sa pagkakaron wala pai online streaming. Pero mao na ang atong paningkamotan nga maka stream ta online. Thanks for dropping by.

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