Bayugan District Holds Education Rally

The word Rally sometimes is misconstrued as something violent if we refer it to rallies done by other elements of the society against the government. . But to the Education Department of Northeastern Mindanao Mission it is something very important for the Adventist constituents to be more informed of the importance of Adventist education to the lives of their own children and know their roles as parents and as a church.
February 20, 2010, the whole district of Bayugan City under the leadership of Pastor Joel Talledo held an education rally at the Comprehensive High School Gymnasium . The 2 churches within the city closed during this Sabbath with the purpose to allow the brethren to attend the rally at the Gym  .
The invited guests were Dr. Ildefonso F. Faigmani, SPUC Education Director., Dr. Yolando A. Queruela, SPUC Associate Education Director. In attendance were elders,and  members of every church belonging to the Bayugan District, Mrs. Nilda E. Caberte, NeMM Education Director, Mr. Romel Subigca, NEMA Principal, Teachers and selected students from San Francisco SDA Elementary School and Butuan City Mission Academy also graced the occasion. .
The whole day of the Sabbath was  intended to programs and lectures on Education. It was a sort of variety show of all students invited to present their different talents in Music , and speeches through sermonette.  But the main part of the program was the lecture on Education.
What was stressed on the lecture was the writing of Mrs. Ellen G. White in counsels to Parents Teachers and students page. 165. “ The Lord is interested in the salvation  of our children, thus He appointed the church as watchman , to have a jealous care over the youth and children …”
The Lord use the church school as an aid to the parents in educating and preparing their children for this time before us. Then let the church take hold of the school work in earnest and make it what the Lord desires it to be. (CTPTS p 167)
To be well informed of the benefits of Adventist Education , one hour before the commitment service was an open forum. Several questions were raised, and were satisfactorily answered by the educators until everybody slowed down and made their commitment to truly support the church school that will soon be opened in Bayugan.
The action plan was made and organized with the hope that everybody must be involved in preparing the school that prepares children to become responsible citizens in this world and in the world to come.