Hope Channel Launching

Elder Edwin Gulfan, SPUC

July 29 and 30 of the year 2011 marks the successful launching of HOPE CHANNEL PHILIPPINES in Northeastern Mindanao Mission (NeMM) at Northeastern Mindanao Academy in Los Angeles, Butuan City. It was spearheaded by South Philippine Union Conference officers with the coordination of the Local mission officers and directors
Everyone was welcomed by the President of the mission Pastor Solomon V. Mongaya, and by Mrs. Nilda E. Caberte , the mission Communication Director. Almost every church in all 36 districts had sent their delegates composed of 1 elder, treasurer, and communication secretary. More than  2000 delegates and visitors intently listened to the HOPE CHANNEL Promotion especially during Sabbath. The Launching Slogan is SUPPORT HOPE CHANNEL! PUT GOSPEL ON THE AIR EVERYWHERE. EVERY MEMBER, A PARTNER.

Prosperidad SDA Church Choir

Church leaders believe that “this is the only church ministry that is able to go beyond borders. No walls, no doors to stop God’s message of Hope and love from reaching the fainting heart.”
The speakers coming from SPUC were Pastor Robert Jimenez who gave the message on Friday vesper worship. On Sabbath morning , Pastor Cecilio Lagra gave his HOPE promotional talk while Pastor Rey Cabanero  challenges everyone to support HOPE CHANNEL with the use of testimonial videos. SPUC Executive Secretary Elder Edwin C. Gulfan gave his very inspiring and challenging message to everyone during the Divine worship.
Singers from within the mission graced the programs from vesper to Sabbath. We have the” Motivators”, “Butuan City Adventist Youth Chorale”, “NEMA Ensemble” ,BCAYC Voices of Truth”, and “Prosperidad Church Choir”
In the afternoon of the Sabbath Elder Gulfan presented the Hope Channel Project updates followed by the question and answer portion. Almost everybody had the commitment to accept the challenge through their prayers and monetary support of as little as P 20/week. After the Sabbath when their HOPE offering was counted it totaled to P59,436.75. Some not only gave P20 but more than what their hearts dictate. NEMM is known as the poorest mission in the Union territory  but its members has the biggest  hearts when touched by the Holy Spirit to support the work of God.
Our Brethren had now the hope that through their continuing support they could have HOPE CHANNEL PHILIPPINES, a Christian television with culturally relevant programming for every family member.

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