Mission-wide Literature Evangelists Praise and Thanks Fellowship

Photo Credit:  AH Molo

Pr. Ven Bermudez-Publishing Director, SSD Photo Credit: AH Molo

February 18-20, 2016.  For three days, Literature Evangelists all over Caraga Region gathered to give praise and thank to our Almighty Father for the blessings he out poured for the year 2015. Under the leadership of Bro. Samson Andrade, our NeMM Publishing Ministries Director, and Bro. Welly Molo, Butuan Branch PPH Manager, we are able to exceed our 9.5 Million goal to almost 12 Million.

The fellowship started Thursday afternoon with the theme: “Whole World Total Membership Involvement through Literature. It proceeded with devotionals, testimonies, and games.

The Fellowship was not only filled with testimonies but also was visited by guest speakers from our Mission, Union, and Division. Sir Cirilo Baal, our NeMM Treasurer, gave us inspiration to “Forward Ever, Backward Never” during the Vesper’s Meeting. Pr. Rey Cabanero, our SPUC Publishing Ministries Director, gave spark of energy to our Evangelists by promoting incentives and activities for this year and the years to come. Elder Bermudez, our SSD Publishing Ministries Director, lit the fire of hope for everyone emphasizing on this year’s theme: “Reaching the World: World Membership Involvement through Literature by Influence.” During the Hour of Worship, he stressed that Ellen G. White encourages every member – as disciples, that it is a must to be involved in our mission that our work may be finished. He gave importance on us “Reaching the World” and the danger of “the world reaching to us” and he reminds everyone that some of our members have a disease called AIDS – Adventists in Deep Sleep.

There are those who are waiting, watching, and working for the Lord’s coming. There is still so much to do. Here in our field are souls we need to reach. There are so many reasons why we should be involved, but the best of them is because of the love of God. He loves us and we love Him. Hand in hand let us work together. United let us finish the task – the responsibility, endowed upon us. [AH Molo]

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