NEMM Office Building’s Blessing and Thanksgiving Ceremony

On the day of the opening of the HOPE CHANNEL PHILIPPINES Launching last July 29,2011  the administration took the chance to invite the brethren who will attend the launching to join the thanksgiving ceremony of the new renovated building of NeMM headquarters. The function hall of the building was fully packed with brethren and visitors from different parts of the CARAGA regional territory.
Elder Edwin C. Gulfan, the Executive Secretary of SPUC gave the message on that significant occasion for the thanksgiving ceremony.  He said something  that amazed everyone that 1 particular place in Northeastern Mindanao Mission is the cradle of the ministry of the 3 important presidents, Elder Rudy Yap, Elder Solomon V. Mongaya, and himself.  It is in Barobo  where they were ordained as ministers.
He further said that our mission is the nest of offshoots. Supposed to be its membership will be drained. But this mission grew BIG just like donating blood , we grow strong and healthy.
Through the faithfulness of its members throughout the mission field, Northeastern Mindanao Mission is one of the missions that helped South Philippine Union Mission excel in financial status.
Now NeMM is one of those Missions who had successfully renovated its building just like  Davao mission, and Southern Mindanao Mission.
At the end of the blessing each one proceeded to the dining hall at the cafeteria where snacks were served to everyone. (Nilda E. Caberte)


  1. Dale Reece says:

    Can you provide me with the address of the sda mission in Butuan City. Maybe even provide me have a map of the location. I will be there in the next few days.

    Thank you so much, Dale

  2. Ernest Eiselstein says:

    I would like to send some electronic equipment to the school in NEMA but I have to pay 40% tax on anything I send that involves electronics. The school is in dire need of a workable sound system that is used for church and school activities. Is there anyway to get a tax exempt number or send the equipment from the U.S. to the Philippines without paying 40% tax? thanks and God Bless.

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