Our Dream for Radio Stationhas come to Reality

The God whom we served for so long a time always share to us His wisdom and blessings to everyone of us.

Thanks to our prayers for our AM Radio Station. The Lord answered it. Our Communication Director of SSD Dr. Jonathan Catolico together with our SPUC Communication Director Pastor Nelson Paulo never did try to stop making follow-up of the approval of the Provisional Authority for our Frequency of this radio station. Just lately  the approval was given by National Telecommunication Commission (NTC) . They then told us to proceed for the construction of the transmitter tower.

Inspired by our positive assurance of God’s blessing, we decided to provide spaces  for this station during the start of the renovation of the mission office building.  Three rooms have been prepared. One room is for the recording studio, another is the broadcast studio, and the last one is the room for the technical division. We still lack one for transmitter room.

Last September 8, 2011  we made the groundbreaking for putting up  the transmitter tower with the approval of the Communication Director of SPUC. While waiting for its completion, we are also preparing to put up another room for transmitter at the back of the studio.

Hopefully by middle part of November we can have the inauguration of the station  as a way of laying it into the hands of the Lord for its prime purpose is to preach the Good News to the people  on the air.

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