Salamat “Mayor”

Solomon V. Mongaya, NeMM President

For the first time in Northeastern Mindanao Mission , a program intended to express thanks and gratitude to mayors has come to reality. The special activity is called “Salamat Mayor” Recognition Program.

Northeastern Mindanao Mission PARL hosted  the program at the mission  Function Hall at the 3rd floor of the building. It happened last August 24, 2011. At 4:00 P.M.  Fifteen Municipality mayors with the city Mayor of Butuan were cordially invited. Due to conflict of schedules of the mayors, some did not arrive. Some were sending representatives only  on their behalf.  However some were there to witness how Adventist welcome them in a program.

Dr. Jonathan C.Catolico, PARL Director, SSD

The program was really a unique one having part 1 for the welcome speech by the NEMM President Solomon V. Mongaya who made mention that the organization of Seventh-Day Adventist set-up is like that of the government because it is composed of many departments in which one of its departments, the PARL is responsible of the program of Salamat Mayor.  It was reinforced by  Pr. Nelson Paulo, SPUC PARL Director who gave  the reason why the mayors were invited . Pr. Donald E. Zabala, the HOPE Channel Director of Visayas  introduced  the speaker  Dr. Jonathan C. Catolico, PARL Director of Southern Asia – Pacific Division who  gave an inspirational message. Dr. Catolico  was the one who proposed this program to the Union and  mission counterparts through-out the Philippines and it is Butuan who responded  first under the leadership of Pr. MaxDante B. Obbus, the mission PARL Director.  After Dr. Catolico’s  inspirational message a  dedicatory prayer  was offered by him together with  Pr. Solomon Mongaya.

In part 2 all mayors present were given recognition and appreciation . A very nice trophy was handed to each of the mayors .  Butuan City Mayor Amante then gave his response.  He cited a Bible text that “ If my people shall humble themselves…then he is worthy to be recognized and thanked for.” He further said that Seventh- Day Adventists is the first religious  group who gave honors to government officials like mayors.  He has high regards on SDA’s for being partner in moral recovery.

“There was a similar program like this in our place.” Mayor Monton of Jabonga said. “But this program is a special one coming from a religious group.” , he added.  He gratefully acknowledged the SDA’s for being so quick in responding to the their needs on our welfare program  during the calamity in his municipality.

Indeed the program is very successful with the presence of “ Motivators”  singers that entertain the visitors . The musical instruments rendition of Pr Saramosing and Pr. Cena, and Alfed  Ba-al on their Saxophone and Liz Dawis on her Violin impressed them as they applauded loudly .

All guests including the staff of each mayor  were served with the palatable foods catered by the MAKUNO’s catering services.  It was a great success!

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