Summer 2012 FCamp Loreto District

Northeastern Mindanao Mission scheduled Summer FCAMP 2012 activities for all districts that are placed in 7 campsites, Loreto district, Agusan del Sur was chosen as one of the venues.   There were 3 districts; Talacogon districts headed by Pr. Reneboy Inato, Lapaz District headed by Pr. Jaman B. Bacleran and Loreto District headed by Pr. German B. Ramos.

The same approach was used. They invite non-sda to join the camping.  Mr. Samson H. Andrade, NeMM Publishing Director is the guest speaker. Morning and evening presentation were focused doctrinal messages and the facilitators were the one who conducted direct Bible Study.

Pr. Nimrod V. Saramosing, NeMM Health Director, gave lectures about human sexuality pertaining to avoid irresponsible sex, Drugs and Narcotics focused on Alcohol and Tobacco.

Master Guide activities like the, bandaging, songs and yells, community services, treasurer hunting and many more were incorporated in the camp activities.

We have 210 registered delegates including the SDA young people attended the camp.   Last Wednesday evening until Saturday, we have thrilling experience because there was one lady who was disturbed by an evil spirit.  Because of that experience the facilitators’ team doubled their effort to have marathon prayers including personnel in the kitchen.  During evening presentation we experienced brown out because the devil did not like that the people will know the truth.   Since we have standby generator our program just continued in spite of the interruptions.  There were 3 young people who surrendered their “anting-anting”, or lucky charm.  They gave these to Pr. German B. Ramos for they wanted to accept Christ as their personal Savior.  As a result during Saturday non-sda participants, all of them were baptized.  The total baptism resulted to 148 precious souls.  The young people witnessed how the power of God has driven-out evil spirit.   Thru that experience many young people trust the Lord more.

This FCAMP is another way of spreading the gospel through youth activities. For them to be strengthened spiritually we will be providing Bible and Great Hope Book.  Thanks for our donors who have the heart in spreading the gospel.   Thank you so much!  God bless you more.


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