SPUC Wide Teachers’ Convention

It was once a dream turned to reality!

The long-awaited teachers’ convention was planned to be held abroad since the year 2002. Finally, last July 18-23, 2016 the dream came true. It was held at Universitas Advent Indonesia in Bandung.

“Excellence in Teaching Ministry” was the theme of the said convention. The learning experience during that event was really excellent. There were more than two hundred delegates in attendance. Among these group of educators from SPUC, are the 22 elementary teachers and 8 high school teachers from NEMM.


The president of SPUC, Pastor Edwin C. Gulfan, and the local missions and conferences administrators, especially the NEMM administrators- Pr. Max Dante Obbus, Pr. Nimrod Saramosing and Sir Cirilo Baal are very supportive of the program. The said event has been made possible through the leadership of Dr. Bobby M. Asis, SPUC Education director, with the assistance of Dr. Diosdado T. Catalan and Mrs. Leonor P. Mongaya.

To God be the glory for the wonderful opportunity He has given to his dedicated teachers who are engaged in the Teaching Ministry. (Pearlyn P. Panes)

BCMA: Week of Prayer 2016


BCMA: Teachers and Students Praying together

Every year the Butuan City Mission Academy (BCMA) Elementary Department continued its spiritual program that teach students to have a closer relationship with God.  The students experienced this week the powerful revelation of “Jesus the Creator” – the theme of this year’s week of prayer.


Week of Prayer Speaker: Pastor Agapito M. Orendain – Stewardship Director – NEMM

Pastor Agapito M. Orendain spiritually prepared God’s message for the children in a manner that interest them.  He carefully designs questions that brings the children into deep understanding about Jesus as the Creator.  During the culmination program, two students received a devotional book “#PowerUp” for answering questions from his week of prayer messages.

Week of Prayer is a part of the school’s program.  It promotes the development of the spiritual aspects of life.  It is a time where teachers and students joined together to ask for the Lord’s blessings and to delve into the word of God that develops a special relationship with Him.

85 Graduates of Vacation Bible School


Butuan City – Eighty-five (85) students receive their Vacation Bible School certificates during their graduation ceremony held at Ba-an Seventh-day Adventist Church last Saturday, May 4, 2013.  Pastor Jun Cubelo, the district pastor of Butuan Suburbs district emphasized the theme “Jesus and Me” and the importance of training the children to be close to Jesus and to teach them the importance of prayer.

Ba-an Seventh-day Adventist Church had been offering and sponsored Vacation Bible School (VBS) for five consecutive years.  The vbs3church held two branches of VBS, one in Lemon, Ba-an, Butuan City and the other is at Ba-an SDA Church.  Mrs. Heidi Ligsay, a 73 year old retired teacher led the youth in teaching the children, some of the youth were her students of VBS five years ago.

The children heard wonderful stories from the Bible, played interesting games, and express their creativity through art. They were very happy knowing that Jesus is their best friend.

The leaders of Ba-an SDA Church were very thankful to the organizers and supporters of Vacation Bible School.  The members of the church are looking forward to next year’s Vacation Bible School.

10 Children Sponsored in Mt. Olive SDA School

Mt. Olive SDA Elementary School was privileged  to avail the program of APPT through Pastor  & Mrs. Remelito Tabingo.   First, they sponsored the tuition of 5 children.  Last September, 15, 2010  they visited the   School to give additional assistance to 5 other children amounting to P10,000.00.   Aside from this monetary assistance they gave  food stuffs for snacks and also used clothings  to all children including the teachers and parents who were present.   Presently, there are 10 sponsored students enjoying this fund  in this school.

Since 2007 the school enjoyed the assistance extended to them by the APPT program for the deserving children who were less fortunate.  We praise the Lord through their support  many children were able to continue their education and also the school was blessed of the funds.   The total enrollment in the school is 86 and it is only 30% who are capable of paying their tuition.  Thus, the teachers and School Board members  are wishing  that  the foundation will also give a share of assistance not only to students but a teacher’s salary.  More power to the foundation! [Letecia D. Ramos].

Bayugan District Holds Education Rally

The word Rally sometimes is misconstrued as something violent if we refer it to rallies done by other elements of the society against the government. . But to the Education Department of Northeastern Mindanao Mission it is something very important for the Adventist constituents to be more informed of the importance of Adventist education to the lives of their own children and know their roles as parents and as a church.
February 20, 2010, the whole district of Bayugan City under the leadership of Pastor Joel Talledo held an education rally at the Comprehensive High School Gymnasium . The 2 churches within the city closed during this Sabbath with the purpose to allow the brethren to attend the rally at the Gym  .
The invited guests were Dr. Ildefonso F. Faigmani, SPUC Education Director., Dr. Yolando A. Queruela, SPUC Associate Education Director. In attendance were elders,and  members of every church belonging to the Bayugan District, Mrs. Nilda E. Caberte, NeMM Education Director, Mr. Romel Subigca, NEMA Principal, Teachers and selected students from San Francisco SDA Elementary School and Butuan City Mission Academy also graced the occasion. .
The whole day of the Sabbath was  intended to programs and lectures on Education. It was a sort of variety show of all students invited to present their different talents in Music , and speeches through sermonette.  But the main part of the program was the lecture on Education.
What was stressed on the lecture was the writing of Mrs. Ellen G. White in counsels to Parents Teachers and students page. 165. “ The Lord is interested in the salvation  of our children, thus He appointed the church as watchman , to have a jealous care over the youth and children …”
The Lord use the church school as an aid to the parents in educating and preparing their children for this time before us. Then let the church take hold of the school work in earnest and make it what the Lord desires it to be. (CTPTS p 167)
To be well informed of the benefits of Adventist Education , one hour before the commitment service was an open forum. Several questions were raised, and were satisfactorily answered by the educators until everybody slowed down and made their commitment to truly support the church school that will soon be opened in Bayugan.
The action plan was made and organized with the hope that everybody must be involved in preparing the school that prepares children to become responsible citizens in this world and in the world to come.

Pathfinder Tactical Inspection

The Youth and Education Departments now handled the Pathfindering program starting this year. Tactical inspections were done in the early part of January and ended on February. Last January 29 to February 2, 2010, SPUC Pathfinder Director Jerry Patalinghug, the head of the Inspecting Team together with NEMM Youth Director, Max Dante B. Obbus, and Education Director , Mrs. Nilda E. Caberte, Davao Mision Youth Director Geronimo Jose, And NMC Youth Director Porferio Lagunday arrived at NEMA early morning to inspect the Pathfinder Club of the school. The Pathfinder Club exhibited an extraordinary performance that made them able to get the rating they never had expected, a Rating of 97.75%. The Faculty and staff really felt very happy of the performance made by the Pathfinders, but it was the Pathfinder themselves who rejoiced very much of what they have done, and of course with the Director of the club Mr. John Aaron Mercader.

The next day, the team proceeded to inspect Mount Olive Laymen’s Academy at Mt. Olive , Bayugan City, a school in the mountain but with smart Pathfinders. The young and cute Pathfinder Director Mr.Jemar Albor is new to his position being a neophyte teacher but he showed an exemplary performance with his Pathfinder Club officers and members. The Pathfinder’s office has long telescope, a very nice gadget used by Pathfinders in any of their activities which is donated by one of the Brethren who works abroad . It added points to the club. The inspection lasted only for the whole morning . The club were very eager to finish it with much strength and courage and therefore gotten a very inspiring excellent rating of 95.96% . The pathfinders , the school administration , the faculty, and the members of the school board and parents greatly rejoiced of the overwhelming result.

Forest Hills Academy was the next school inspected by the Team the following day. Upon the arrival of the Inspecting Team the Pathfinders were all ready. Like the two other academies Pathfinder Club Units , FHA pathfinders were actively doing their parts and presented their skills in First Aid, knot tying, bondaging, songs and yells, fancy drill, litter drill , Monkey Bridge, Tower Building, Fire Building and band presentation, at the best of their abilities. At the end of the inspection the club garnered a rating of 93.75%.

CONGRATULATIONS to all our Academies Pathfinder Clubs. May you all continue to shine where you are in the leadership skills you’ve learned and mastered. More Power!