The Power of Seventy

More than one thousand church leaders from the different Seventh-day Adventist churches in Caraga Region had attended the launching had attended the launching of the “Power of Seventy” at Northeastern Mindanao Academy last February 1-4, 2017.  Dr. Bienvenio Mergal – the vice president of the Southern Asia Pacific Division together with Pr. Bernabe Dahunan – the IEL and NDR Director of the South Philippine Union Conference had shared their knowledge about the importance of being a true disciple of Jesus Christ.  On Thursday morning, Pr. Max Dante Obbus (NEMM President), through a phone patch was thankful to the overwhelming support of the district leaders and Adventists through Caraga Region for their participation of the mission program amidst the storm.

Mrs. Perlyn Panes (Children’s Ministries Director) and Mrs. Pinky Gulfan (Shepherdess International Director) emphasized the role of the children and the family to the Total Membership Involvement to the mission to preach the gospel during the Sabbath School program.  Elder Edwin C. Gulfan preached and send a powerful message of putting our trust fully to God during the divine worship.  He encourages the members of the “Power of Seventy” to rely on the Holy Spirit by connecting to God through his Words and to the Spirit of Prophecy and prayer.

What is the Power of Seventy?

The call “to go and make disciples” (Matthew 28:19) stirred the hearts of the leaders to follow the biblical principle of evangelism.  The recent application of the Integrated Evangelistic Lifestyle platform as an upgrade to small group evangelism created an impact to the Seventh-day Adventist members.  It helps divert the common focus of evangelism which is baptismal goal to reflecting the character of Jesus Christ through service.

The Administrators of NEMM see the importance of equipping the church and providing knowledge of the doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, its history and mission.  After a careful study of Elder Obbus, the administrators and the departmental directors, they created a system that will answer the need of the leaders of the church and care group.  It is called “Power of Seventh.”  The idea of the “Power of Seventy” is based on a biblical setup of Jesus which is to be a true disciple and to make disciples.

The Power of Seventy will be trained under the “Theological Education of Adventist Missionaries (TEAM)” compose of administrators, departmental directors, theology professors, and pastors.  It is under the supervision of the IEL-NDR Director and the administrators.  The goal is to equip every leaders of the church, leaders of care groups and bible workers – trained them to become a disciple and a disciple maker.  The first phase of the program will be until July 2017.  It will cover the topics about Christ Life and Spiritual Growth, Fundamental doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Servant Leadership, Nurturing and Discipleship, Reclamation of missing members and many others.  This is a continuing education according to Elder Obbus, that will end when Jesus comes, “Do not be just a disciple, be a disciple maker,” he added.

NEMM: Arise and Train


“Arise and Train:  Jesus is Coming” – the theme of the program that was successfully organized by the Personal Ministries Department headed by Pastor Jerry E. Taguno and Pr. Jerson P. Arellano last March 21-22, 2016 at NEMM Headquarters.  The purpose is to enhance the ability to train future evangelists in the church and successfully mentor others in discipleship.  This is a step to a massive training of evangelists that will be conducted to every districts in the quarter of the year.

Pr. Jerson P. Arellano – an experienced trainer of evangelists emphasized the importance of church growth and the total involvement in having a quantitative and qualitative church growth.  He also added the importance of the dedication of trainers and their conviction to a great responsibility of mentoring, creating a spirit of determination, and above all, a personal commitment to trust on His Divine power and the work of the Holy Spirit.

The training was attended by the district pastors, district leaders, church pastors and gospel outreach workers which at the same time will conduct training to their church members during the second quarter of the year 2016.  The goal is to trained a hundred evangelists in every district – a challenge that every district pastors and leaders accept wholeheartedly. [MR Pepito]

The Best of Life Seminar


The Seventh-day Adventist Church helps promote the Moral Recovery Program of the Local Government Unit of Bislig City by facilitating “The Best of Life Seminar.” It is a seminar that aims to provide the listeners knowledge about health, remedies of common illnesses at home, and brings spiritual enlightenment to the next level. It is held at Covered Court, Caramcam District, Mangagoy, Bislig City.

Aside from the nightly seminar, Bislig City Councilor Hon. Atty. Alfredo J. Carmelo and his family sponsored the feeding program, assisted by the Women’s Ministries and Youth Department of Mangagoy Seventh-day Adventist Central Church.

During the opening night, Hon. Jonas A. Cacayan – the vice mayor of Bislig City spoke and inspired the attendees about the importance of the spiritual aspect of life. It was followed by the message from the Word by Cirilo S. Ba-al Vice President for Finance of the Adventists in Caraga Region.

The one-week seminar started on June 7, 2015 and ends on June 13, 2015. Thirty-nine (39) were baptized that day and joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Northeastern Mindanao Mission and the Adventist of Lingig/Mangagoy District sponsored the Seminar.

Preach the Word Seminar a Success


Since the launching of the Integrated Evangelistic Lifestyle last year, the Adventists Church in Caraga region are equipping the church to be more effective, spiritualize and loving.  Last month, the head office of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Caraga region has called for a “Preach the Word” seminar intended for the church elders, treasurers and care group leaders of the church.

Many attended the seminar conducted by the ministerial department headed by Pr. Asterio Maloloy-on with resourced speakers coming from South Philippine Union Conference in Cagayan de Oro City which serves as the main office of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Mindanao.   Pr. Ephraim Paquibo – shared his expertise on the topic of Integrated Evangelistic Lifestyle while Pr. Danielo Palomares discusses christian leadership.  The highlight of the seminar was the recognition of the church elders and treasures that serve the church for two years and above, the ordination of three pastors to the ministry of the gospel and the baptism.

Shepherdess International Gives Back to the Community


The Shepherdess International (SI) give back to the community of Surigao City last April 19-25, 2015.  It was the time for the wives of the pastors and mission workers of Northeastern Mindanao Mission to to preach the word of God.  The seminar is packed with livelihood, health and spiritual lectures from different speakers.  Aside from the nightly lectures, the SI reached out to the children through a “A day of Compassion.” It is a feeding program and giving of t-shirts and slippers at Balibayon, Surigao City.



Mrs. Merna E. Pamunag (SI Director) is thankful to adventists in Surigao City district represented by Pr. and Mrs. Nerlou Montero – the district pastor, the speakers/lecturers and to the Shepherdess International (SI) who devoted their time and effort to make this activity possible.

The Holy Spirit touched the hearts of 120 people who came and accepted Jesus as their personal Savior through baptism. 

For more photos visit and like Northeastern Mindanao Mission of Seventh-day Adventist Facebook page.

The Voice of Youth: 14 Accepted Jesus

With such an army of workers as our youth, rightly trained, might furnish, how soon the message of a crucified, risen, and soon-coming Savior might be carried to the whole world! (Education, p. 271).

August 17-22, 2014.  Six days, twelve gospel speakers, 5 health lecturers and the whole forces of the youth of Mangagoy SDA Central Church together with the church elders and members, successfully celebrated the goodness and the power of the Holy Spirit that leads 14 people to Christ. The Bible Seminar was held at Dampingan-the site where the CASAYO 2 did their community service.

The Preparation.

The youth had spent many nights studying the word of God, harnessing their skills for personal evangelism through the help of Elders of the Mangagoy SDA Church and Bro. Edison Villarente who shared their expertise in different aspects of evangelism.  The youth learned to mark their Bibles, answers different questions about the Seventh-day Adventist doctrine and learned the most important aspects of evangelism and that is prayer.

The Challenges.

The area chosen doesn’t have a gym or a hall.  The youth decided  to use the road, praying that God will not let it rain.  God answered our prayers and it didn’t rain the whole week.  There was a problem with the sound system, but God had solved it through the ministry of Elder Dapiton.


Pr. Nimrod Saramosing – giving instruction to the candidates for Baptism


God Calls and They Answered.

Saturday, August 23, 2014 – 14 people decided to accept Jesus as their personal Savior.  Pr. Nimrod Saramosing-the Health Director of the Northeastern Mindanao Mission officiated the baptism and reminds the Adventists to take care, nurture and train newly converts to be a good disciple of Christ.  It was a life changing experience for the youth looking at the fruit of their labor.

You can visit their Facebook page to see their activities and view their photos during the Bible Seminar.

CASAYO 2 Fellowship Ends in Community Service


L-R: Lester and Macmac serve the food to the children

CARAGA ADVENTIST YOUTH ORGANIZATION 2 commonly known as CASAYO 2 is an Adventist Youth Organization in the areas of Barobo District, Hinatuan District, Bislig City District, Mangagoy District and Lingig District held their fellowship at Mangagoy Seventh-day Adventist Central Church, Mangagoy, Bislig City, Philippines last August 15-17, 2014.

Youth coming from five different districts arrived for the weekend of spiritual revival and community service.  The program started on Friday evening with the message of Pr. Meljoie R. Pepito – the district leader of Mangagoy District, encouraging the youth to LOVE, CARE and SERVE.

Pr. Max Dante Obbus – the Youth Director of Northeastern Mindanao Headquarters that serves CARAGA Region, spoke during the Sabbath Worship.  He encourages the Adventist youth to break all the barriers, shun all the differences, spend more time in prayer and be united to God and aim to be of service to the community.  Pr. Raul Narvasa – the district leader of Lingig District spoke during the commitment service encouraging the CASAYO 2 to give their best for the Lord.

On the eve of Saturday, a Grand Social Gathering was held in Mangagoy Baranggay Gymnasium, which was participated by the youth.


Right: Gaga Guerra – checking the blood pressure.

The renewal of their commitments to the Lord prompts them to participate in a community outreach program at Dampingan, Mangagoy, Bislig City.  They offered free health checkup, counseling and feeding to almost a hundred residents of Dampingan.  The youth did it with the full support of the Adventist Health Professionals  and Adventist Community Service in Mangagoy Seventh-day Adventist Central Church.  The residents of Dampingan were very happy that the services of the Seventh-day Adventist reach their community.

Carl Visits Siargao for Evangelistic Crusade


Carl with brethren in Siargao Island

Carl Joy from Searmont SDA Church, Searsmont, Maine, USA visits Northeastern Mindanao Mission  last  January 11-26, 2013 for his 5th Evangelistic crusade here in Caraga Region.   He is an ordained elder whose passion is helping God’s ministry.  He has chosen Northeastern Mindanao Mission for he is comfortable with the administrators and workers according to him.   With an enthusiasm to preach again he conducted his Evangelistic Crusade in Del Carmen, Siargao, Surigao Del Norte.   According to him his love to share God’s love increased when he saw the fruits of his labor that many accepted Christ as their personal Saviour.  For the whole duration of the crusade 188 precious souls were baptized and many interested individuals are still coming.

He financially sponsored the crusade, in fact he set aside portions of his income for this purpose and he is the one doing the nightly presentation.  What a wonderful spirit to imitate!

Next year through God’s providence he will come again doing God’s work.    We hope there are many people  who would do the same to prepare people for the Lord’s coming.

Samaritan’s Purse

Distribution of Samaritan's Purse

Northeastern Mindanao Mission was privileged to receive lots of big Balikbayan boxes containing gifts placed in shoe boxes called Samaritan’s Purse from the ADRA (Adventist Development Relief Agency). These gifts are intended for children who are less fortunate who never experienced to buy toys and other things for themselves.
Thirty-two districts received one hundred shoe boxes each which they distributed to the children.
The church in Emenvil of Buenavista District participated Samaritan’s Purse distribution last February 27, 2011. The members grabbed the opportunity of getting the box through the ADRA with the coordination of NeMM ADRA Coordinator Pr. Ruel G. Arrogante and Philippine ADRA Administrative Officer, Mrs. Adelaida Ortillano.
The Church Officers through the leadership of Pr. Jose Conrado Hermoso, the district pastor, stressed that the box should be given to the less fortunate children.
There were 100 children received the Samaritan Purse. After the distribution they were all served with finger foods.
It was indeed a timely program since the church hold a Happy Healthy Lifestyle seminar, a week after the distribution, conducted by Pr. Jose Conrado Hermoso, the district pastor. The recipients of the Samaritan’s Purse attended the nightly presentations for three weeks with free snacks.
As a result 5 precious souls were baptized.
Praise the Lord for the goodness extended to Emenvil Church.

NeMM Hope Impact Tract Distribution Attracts People in Butuan

Mission Administrators, Directors, Pastors, Office Staff, Brethren, Children unitedly took part in the HOPE IMPACT Tract Distribution at Northeastern Mindanao Mission in Caraga Region of South Philippines.

October 2, 2010 was the HOPE IMPACT PHILIPPINES Tract distribution nation-wide.  (NEMM)  Northeastern Mindanao Mission had its distribution activity in Buenavista, Agusan del Norte with guests  coming from South Philippine Union Conference, the Sabbath School Director Pr. Ephraim O. Paquibo together with his wife Dr. Lilia M. Paquibo.

The program started at the Gym, attended by a Provincial Board Member, and one of the Municipal councilors representing the municipal government, The Chief of police with his men, Bureau of Fire Personnel, Mission Administrators and directors, Brethren of Buenavista- Nasipit district under the leadership of Pr. Jose Conrado Hermoso. A motorcade followed with the Police car on the lead, Fire Truck, Mission Van, Workers’ cars, and Brethren’s vehicles passing through the busy main streets of the town. Group of Brethren followed handing tracts and Books “Living with Hope” to people standing beside the streets watching the parade. After the parade the program continued at the Gym for the Divine service program with the Hope-Filled message presented by Pr. E.O.Paquibo.

On October 4, NeMM workers were divided to attend the flag ceremony in 2 different Police stations within the city to distribute books and tracts. Pastor Solomon V. Mongaya, the Mission President headed the first group in the distribution at the Regional Police Station, Libertad, Butuan City while Pastor Bernabe C.Caballero, the Mission Executive Secretary and Cirilo S. Ba-al, the Mission Treasurer were leading the Team at the Central Police Station in front of the City Plaza. A devotional message was given to the Policemen for their Moral Recovery Program from Pr. Caballero before books and tracts were given to them. One of the Police Officers said, “ We hope to have another message like this for our moral recovery.” All Police officers and their men gladly accepted the books and went back to their post busy reading them.

The next round of the HOPE IMPACT was done on October 14 on the occasion of the Small Group Reaping Festival. Delegates coming from every pastoral district who have vehicles joined it. Those who joined were wearing white T-shirt uniform marked Hope Impact Philippines. This is the color assigned to all brethren of south Philippines who will join the tract distribution.  The motorcade left (NEMA) Northeastern Mindanao Academy at 7:30 A.M. with Police Officers on their vehicles who directs the traffic on the highway.  The route is from NEMA to Bancasi Army Camp then back to the SPORTS COMPLEX grandstand to conduct a short program before each group of delegates was assigned to distribute tracts in nearby barangays of the city.

Then the final Hope Impact tract distribution was on the Sabbath morning of October 16. Master Guides of NEMM Caraga Chapter in their spic and span Type A and A-1 uniform set out to distribute books and tracts in Butuan City riding on vehicles with Hope Impact streamers.

The united involvement of each in this program made many people aware of what really Adventists are especially as they read those printed pages that would give them hope for a bright tomorrow with Jesus as their Savior. We hope that the seeds of Hope we have sown  will grow in their hearts to make them ready for Jesus coming.