Hope Radio Update

DXHR 1323 a.m. band  is a great blessings to our Mission in evangelism.  Praise the Lord for His guidance in acquiring this equipment.   In spite of our financial crisis we were able to manage in proclaiming God’s word through radio broadcast.

The Sukdanan Sa Kamatuoran program headed by Pr. Jerson P. Arellano, Station Manager,  is a program wherein the anchor man entertain  questions through text messages.    Radio listeners   ask  questions through text and these are answered through broadcast on air.

According to our Station Manager,  up to the present, we have an average of 1,200  texters who participated and listened to the program.  They have  log book  for every question  asked by our texters to determine the no. of persons who listened  to our program.

We praise the Lord that for 7 months operation in our radio broadcast, we have hundreds of backsliders who came back to the fold and many baptisms  around that is within by the reached of the DXHR signal like Camotes island, Bohol, Leyte, Limasawa, Camiguin and within Caraga region.

Up to the present, we glorify God for we  have  120 precious souls baptized through Hope Radio.

Another fed back received from our Station Manager:

Last Tuesday, September 4, 2012 he received a message from Tahena, Esperanza Agusan del Sur that nine (9) families decided to be baptized.  Their conversion ripened  through listening to DXHR.  When it was followed-up, 19 precious souls were baptized.   This coming October 1-13 in this area, the pastor assigned planned to have an evangelistic crusade.  In fact there was a lot donated already intended for the church.   Their burden now is for church construction.

Thanks to all supporters who continue sharing their blessings to our radio station and our project here in Northeastern Mindanao Mission.   Because of your love to support our work, many more souls will be baptized and be ready for Jesus coming.

Baptized through Hope Radio

Pr. S.V. Mongaya, Michele Generales, Saturnino Generales

The  Family of Mr. & Mrs.  Saturnino Generales, in Bonbon, Butuan City,  happened to hear broadcast of HOPE Radio DXHR some time in February, 2012.  He was so curious of the religious presentations.  The music, family and youth guidance, health, sukdanan sa kamatuoran and many more attracted and inspired them so much.  After listening to different programs especially the Sukdanan sa Kamatuoran he tried to text Pr. Jerson Arellano, the host of the program, and asked many questions.  He was so inspired  because every questions  he inquired from the host  were provided immediate answers.  From then on his favorite station is DXHR.

According to him when he was in General Santos City working as fisherman his companions were Seventh-day Adventists.  He was so curious why they will not go on fishing every Saturdays.  But since he is a leader in their church, as assistant pastor in Foursquare denomination, he did not mind asking questions to his friends.  That’s why when he hears the Radio broadcast he was challenged to ask some questions because he thought that he knows everything from the Bible.  “But sad to say I am not  in the right path,” he said.  He prayed earnestly and asked guidance from the Lord regarding Sabbath keeping.  This is his main problem that hinders him to accept the truth in the Bible.  He even listed every Bible text mentioned by the broadcasters.  Through question and answer portion his shallow thinking about the truth was answered.  He now felt satisfied and fulfilled of the truth he had newly acquired.

He started attending Sabbath services in Butuan City Church and later on joined in Bonbon, Butuan City since it is nearer to their residence.

Last March 11, 2012 he was baptized together with his son Elmer Generales and his daughter Michelle by Pr. Jose Conrado Hermoso.  He is praying that his wife and other children will be baptized too sooner.

They are now attending Sabbath services faithfully in Bonbon Church, Bonbon, Butuan City.

Blind Lady Visits HOPE Radio

Devine Daguro with Pastor JA Arellano, Station Manager and Hope Radio Personnel

Devine Daguro is 31 years old, single,  lives in Brgy 15, Montilla St., Butuan City.  She works as home service massage therapist since she is blind.

Most of her time if there is no call she is in their house listening to different radio station. Last  January, 2012 during one month test broadcast of DXHR HOPE Radio Philippines, she was able to listen HOPE Radio with its religious music.   From then on she becomes an avid listener from sign in to sign off of the program.  With fervor desire to share what she heard, she invited her neighbors to tune in  to HOPE Radio Station.  She is so curious of the varied broadcasts from Family, Youth, Children and Health guidance and above all the spiritual

Devine Daguro with Cirilo Baal, Treasurer, NEMM

upliftment which is based on the Bible alone.  According to her she cannot find it in other radio stations.  Besides, she is convinced that the rest day is Sabbath.  In fact when Saturday comes, she never accept home service massage and she set aside her household chores.  She practices also not to eat pork.

Last March 9, 2012 with eagerness she visits HOPE Radio Station and met the announcers and lecturers,  She even hugged  Ma’am Nilda Caberte expressing of her happiness that she was able to meet the  personnel

Devine Daguro with Pr. Cubelo, Production Manager, Hope Radio

from HOPE Radio Philippines.  Praise the Lord for using HOPE Radio Station in reaching the unreached people through this medium.

Thanks to the lectures on Family brought to us on air by our renounced speaker, Pr. Wendell Serrano, that added so much interest and excitement to the listeners.