Power of Seventy as Literature Evangelists

Pr. Joseph Vicente (far left) together with his delegates prepares for canvasing work.

The Power of Seventy is the Northeastern Mindanao Mission’s system under the banner of Integrated Evangelistic Lifestyle, for the purpose of equipping the members of the church for the ministry.  They are given a curriculum designed by the Theological Education of Adventist Missionaries (TEAM) which is supervised by Administrators and department directors.

Last October 23-28, 2017, the Publishing Department together with the Sabbath School and Personal Ministries department launched+ the second phase of continuing education for the Power of Seventy.  Lecturers from South Philippine Union Conference and from other fields came to share their knowledge of reaching others through evangelism.

Pastor Nildo Mamac – the Literature Ministries Seminary Director of South Philippine Union Conference together with Samson Andrade – the publishing director of Northeastern Mindanao Mission devoted their time and effort in teaching the P70 members the art of introducing Jesus to the community through selling and sharing books that contains the message of salvation.

On the eve of October 25, 2017, all members of the Power of Seventy spent the night in reading God’s promises from the bible and pray – asking the guidance of the Holy Spirit to lead the way to the people that God has already prepared.  On October 26, 2017, vehicles carried more than 600 members of the Power of Seventy to the nearby cities and barangay with the purpose of sharing and selling books from the Philippine Publishing House, applying what they have learned from the seminar.  Daniel Lipasan the acting manager of the Philippine Publishing House – Butuan Branch reported that the event had sold more than 200 books which cost about forty thousand pesos (Php40,000).

Pastor Ven Bermudez, the Publishing director of the Southern Asia Pacific Division inspired the members of the Power of Seventy to read the Spirit of Prophecy books and continue to share God’s message thru selling or sharing the printed message of God.

The event inspired many members of the Power of 70 to work as full time or part time literature evangelists.  The Publishing and the Personal Ministries Department have already decided to include canvassing work as part of the activities of the Power of Seventy every last Sunday of the month.

In his keynote message, Elder Max Dante B. Obbus – the NEMM President, emphasize the importance of the work of the Literature Ministries as one of the great tools in spreading the gospel message of salvation and it should be practice by every members of the church, a way to create good opportunities for showing God’s love that will eventually lead to interest in studying the word of God, and through the work of the Holy Spirit many will accept Jesus.