Shepherdess International: Continuing Education Program Level 1

“It is hard to be a pastor’s wife when everyone in the church expects you to know everything,” says Linda (not her real name).  The wife of a pastor plays a very important role in the church and in the district.  She is considered a full time mother, expected to raise perfect kids, adviser to women and family departments, expert in telling stories, good cook, pianist, choir director and many others.  These are a few of the many expectations that can often lead to physical and emotional stress.

The Adventist organization provided a place for these ministers’ spouses and it is called Shepherdess International.  It is the objective of the organization to help deal with these situations.  That is why, Mrs. Marivic Saramosing – the Shepherdess International Coordinator for Caraga Region, together with Mrs. Pinky Gulfan – the Shepherdess International Coordinator for Mindanao, conducted the first “Continuing Education Program Level 1 for Shepherdess International of Northeastern Mindanao Mission with the theme “Growing with Jesus.”  The guest speakers are Mrs. Pinky Gulfan, along with her husband Pr. Edwin Gulfan – the new SSD Evangelist.  Their combine experiences in the field for more than forty years as ministers, they shared their knowledge on understanding the life, challenges and role of the wife of the pastor and how to deal with it physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Mrs. Jeiel Jagmoc one of the forty seminarians says that “the lectures were timely and inspiring.  We were able to share our experiences, opinions and expertise on the topics during the workshop which is a good thing because it is a way of learning together.  Pastor Edwin and Ma’am Pinky Gulfan brought out the best we can be as Minister’s Wife and Shepherdess.”  Mrs. Marivic Saramosing is planning to have a Continuing Education Program Level 2 for Shepherdess International in the future.  It is her hope that every wife of the Adventist pastors in Caraga region would “grow into a spiritually mature clergy spouse,” she added. (Meljoie Pepito – Ampayon Padiay District Leader)

NEMM Admin Secretary Awarded by SPUC

bingdawisawardElizabeth “Bing” A. Dawis, the present administrative secretary of Northeastern Mindanao Mission received an award from the South Philippine Union Conference during the ACMS Training last August 8-11, 2016.
The hardworking administrative secretary was recognized by the South Philippine Union Conference for “Always being the FIRST to submit Quarterly Reports.” This award shows her devotion to her work to meet the deadlines and accomplish the needed documents with precision.
She has been serving as secretary to the Adventist Institutions for 27 years, three years as a medical secretary at Gingoog Sanitarium and Hospital and 24 years as a secretary to Northeastern Mindanao Mission.

ACS: My Blood, Your Hope

The department of the Adventist Community Services and Health Ministries Department in coordination with the Philippine National Red Cross would have a bloodletting program with the theme “Dugo ko, Paglaum Mo” (My Blood, Your Hope).  This is a regular program of the Adventists in Caraga region to help those who are in need of blood.

The bloodletting will be at Northeastern Mindanao Mission, Km. 3, Baan Highway, Butuan City this coming February 21, 2016.

These are the qualifications of the donors:

  • Age:  18-65 years old
  • 16-17 years old needs parental consent
  • 60-65 years old needs a physician’s approval
  • Weight:  atleast 115lbs. or 52.5 kg.
  • Blood Pressure:  90-130 systolic, 60-90 diastolic
  • Travel abroad for a period of more than 1 month must have stayed in the country for 12 months before you can donate.
  • Travel abroad for a period of less than 1 month, must have stayed in the country for a month before you can donate.
  • No major/minor surgical procedure within a year
  • Tattooing/piercing:  12 months after the procedure
  • No medicine or alcohol intake for at least 24 hours
  • No smoking: 4 hours prior to blood extraction
  • At least 5 hours of sleep
  • Physically healthy
  • Negative for sexually transmitted diseases
  • Other guidelines for deferral will be assessed during the interview of donor’s personal and medical history and physical examination.


  • Have a personal health check-up
  • You will know your blood type, hemoglobin level and BP
  • The bone marrow will be stimulated to produce younger and active cells (change oil mechanism)
  • More volunteer blood donors would meet the supply of blood
  • It is something that will make you feel good about yourself.

We are asking you to join us this coming February 21, 2016.  Be there!  God Bless You!

For more information you can contact our Health Department Director Pastor Lonie D. Cena and our ACS Director Pastor Jerry E. Taguno.

Arise! Shine! Jesus is Coming


“Arise! Shine! Jesus is Coming” the theme of the 13th General Constituency Meeting of the Seventh-day Adventists.  There are two hundred fifty two (252) official delegates and fourteen (14) special coming from different sectors of the Seventh-day Adventists in Caraga region.   The resource speakers of the devotional are Administrators and department directors from the South Philippine Union Conference – the Adventist headquarters in Mindanao and leaders from Southern Mindanao Mission, Davao Mission, Zamboanga Peninsula Mission, Western Mindanao Conference and North Central Mindanao Conference.

The constituents also elected the department directors that will serve the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Caraga Region from January 1, 2016-December 31, 2020.   These directors will serve together with the newly elected administrators of Northeastern Mindanao Mission.

These are the new set of officers of the Northeastern Mindanao Mission:

President – Pr. Max Dante Obbus
Executive Secretary – Pr. Nimrod Saramosing
Treasurer – Cirilo Baal
Ministerial Secretary – Pr. Rafael de Domingo
SS/PM/ADRA/ASI – Pr. Jerry Taguno 
Stewardship / Legal-Trust Services – Pr. Agapito Orendain 
Communication – Pr. Eugenio Cubelo, Jr.
Health /IEL- Pr. Lonie Cena
SI/Womens/Family Life – Marivic L. Saramosing
ChM/Education – Perlyn Panes
Publishing / Spirit of Prophecy – Samson Andrade 
Youth /MAS – Pr. Nilo Seda

The program ended with the commitment prayer of Pr. Antonio V. Pamunag, asking for blessings and guidance of the new set of officers.

It is a wonderful experience to participate this sacred meeting and appreciate the system realizing that God is in control of everything.

SPUC Celebrates 50th Anniversary

50th anniversary

November 18, 2015 the South Philippine Union Conference (SPUC) of the Seventh-day Adventist celebrated their 50th Anniversary with the theme “Serving God, Loving Each Other, Caring for Others.”  The event started with a motorcade led by the officers of the SPUC, together with the CARS – an organization of motor riders under the Adventist Community Service of the Seventh-day Adventist Church of North Central Mindanao Conference, and the delegates from different missions and conferences composed of pastors and elders of the church.  The opening program was held at the SPUC Garden Church with Pastor Violeto Bocala-the former president of the Southern Asia Pacific Division as the keynote speaker.

In 1951, the request to divide the country into two union missions was granted by the General Conference.  The North Philippine Union Mission for Luzon and South Philippine Union for Visayas, Mindanao and Sulu Archipelago.  In 1965, SPUM was divided into two missions.  Central Philippine Union Mission for the Visayas South Philippine Union Mission for Mindanao.  In August 4-6, 1995, the General Conference and the Asia Pacific Division decided to upgrade the South Philippine Union Mission to a conference status.

Let us continue to worship God and be a part of His ministry till Jesus comes.  To the South Philippine Union Conference, Happy 50th Anniversary.



NEMM-Wide Sabbath School Teachers’ Certification


Pr. Rogelio F. Nomus – Sabbath School Director – SPUC

Bayugan East Central Church of the Seventh-day Adventist host the Sabbath School Teachers’ Certification Level II. The theme for this seminar is “Revival and Christian Life” that focus on the area of Integrated Evangelism Lifestyle with Sabbath School Teachers’ Certification Level II.
During the opening night, Pr. Antonio Pamunag – the president of Seventh-day Adventist in Northeastern Mindanao spoke about the importance of discipleship and the need of revival in the church.
Pr. Bernabe M. Dahunan – the Sabbath Director of Northeastern Mindanao Mission added, It is the aim of the Sabbath school department to equip, enhance the quality of Sabbath school teachers to integrate, Bible Study, Fellowship, Evangelism, and World Mission.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pr. Jerry Taguno – The district pastor of Hinatuan and Tagongon spoke during the morning worship and encourage that change must be seen in our lives. Pr. Rogelio F. Nomus – the present Sabbath School Director of the South Philippines Union Conference is the main lecturer and speaker of the seminar. He emphasized the importance of revival in the church and new methods to strengthen the teachers.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Pastor Rogelio V. Nomus continue his lecture on improving the Sabbath School Teachers and in the evening during the vesper program, the delegates received their pins – a symbol that they finished the Sabbath School Teachers Certification Level 2.

There were 221 delegates coming from different districts in Caraga Region.  This is a three-day seminar that began in April 2 and ended last Saturday, April 5, 2014.

SPUC Ministerial Council in MVC

NeMM Workers sang during the Devotional

The South Philippine Union Conference holds a five-day ministerial council in Mountain View College from May 22-26, 2012.  The said gathering is anchored on the theme:  “Revival, Reformation & Beyond: Practicing the End-time Lifestyle.”

Various guest speakers graced the meeting.  They are Mrs. Linda Mei Lin Koh, director, Children’s Ministries, General Conference; Elder Alberto C. Gulfan, Jr., president, Southern-Asia Pacific Division (SSD); Elder Houtman E. Sinaga, ministerial association secretary, SSD; Elder Abraham T. Carpena, director, health ministries, SSD; Helen B. Gulfan, director Women’s & SI Ministries, SSD; Miriam L. Andres, director, Children’s Ministries, SSD; Bienvenido G. Mergal and Richard Sabuin, professor, AIIAS; Elena Zhigankov, assistant professor, AIIAS; Israel P. Andoy, secretary, Ministerial Association, NPUC; Rudy R. Baluyo, secretary, Ministerial Association, CPUC; Glenda C. Catane, director SI/CM/FM & Women’s Ministries, CPUC; Leonardo R. Asoy, president SPUC; Edwin C. Gulfan, Executive Secretary, SPUC; and Wilson C. Catolico, secretary, Ministerial Association, SPUC.

Pastors and their spouses from the six missions and conferences all over the union came to attend the council.  Headed by their respective mission and conference presidents, the number of delegates were the following: 50 pastors and their spouses from Davao Mission headed by Pastor Jerry Patalinghug ang his wife; 58 pastors and their spouses from North-Central Mindanao Conference headed by Pastor Aner Tero and his wife; 46 pastors and their spouses from Northeastern Mindanao Mindanao Mission headed by Pastor  Solomon V. Mongaya and his wife; 58 pastors and their spouses from Southern Mindanao Mission headed by Pastor Roger Caderma and his wife; 42 pastors and their spouses from Western Mindanao Conference headed by Pastor Rodrigo Jimenez and his wife; 26 pastors and their spouses from Zamboanga Peninsula Mission headed by Pastor and Mrs. Antonio Pamunag.

Also in attendance are chaplains from sanitarium and hospitals and colleges.  They are Pastor & Mrs. Victor Navarro and Pastor & Mrs. Jimmy Sabandal from Davao Adventist Hospital.  From Valencia Sanitarium and Hospital are Pastor & Mrs Carmelito Rosa and Pastor & Mrs. Welnie Miado.  Delegates from Mindanao Sanitarium and Hospital include their president Pastor & Mrs. Eliezer Bacus, Pastor & Mrs. Benoni llanto, Pastor & Mrs. Carmelito Asoy, Pastor & Mrs. James Genarque, Pastor & Mrs. Danny Diaz, and Mr. Kenneth Bayola.  Delegates from South Philippine Adventist College are Pastor & Mrs. Rico Javien and Pastor & Mrs. Ephraim Perral.  In attendance are the directors of various department from SPUC headed by Pastor Leonardo Asoy, the president; Pastor & Mrs. Edwin Gulfan, the executive secretary, Pastor & Mrs. Willy Catolico, the ministerial association secretary.

by:   By: Missi V. Ortega, Faculty, MVC Languages Department.

“Reprinted from MVC Hilltop Flashes”

Blind Lady Visits HOPE Radio

Devine Daguro with Pastor JA Arellano, Station Manager and Hope Radio Personnel

Devine Daguro is 31 years old, single,  lives in Brgy 15, Montilla St., Butuan City.  She works as home service massage therapist since she is blind.

Most of her time if there is no call she is in their house listening to different radio station. Last  January, 2012 during one month test broadcast of DXHR HOPE Radio Philippines, she was able to listen HOPE Radio with its religious music.   From then on she becomes an avid listener from sign in to sign off of the program.  With fervor desire to share what she heard, she invited her neighbors to tune in  to HOPE Radio Station.  She is so curious of the varied broadcasts from Family, Youth, Children and Health guidance and above all the spiritual

Devine Daguro with Cirilo Baal, Treasurer, NEMM

upliftment which is based on the Bible alone.  According to her she cannot find it in other radio stations.  Besides, she is convinced that the rest day is Sabbath.  In fact when Saturday comes, she never accept home service massage and she set aside her household chores.  She practices also not to eat pork.

Last March 9, 2012 with eagerness she visits HOPE Radio Station and met the announcers and lecturers,  She even hugged  Ma’am Nilda Caberte expressing of her happiness that she was able to meet the  personnel

Devine Daguro with Pr. Cubelo, Production Manager, Hope Radio

from HOPE Radio Philippines.  Praise the Lord for using HOPE Radio Station in reaching the unreached people through this medium.

Thanks to the lectures on Family brought to us on air by our renounced speaker, Pr. Wendell Serrano, that added so much interest and excitement to the listeners.


Moral Recovery Seminary Inspires BCSAT Students

Butuan City Government, DSWD CARAGA and Northeastern Mindanao Mission jointly sponsored a moral recovery seminar “ Positive Peer Prevention Program” last September 9, 2011 at the Function Hall on the 3rd floor of Northeastern Mindanao Mission.

Almost 200 Fourth Year Students and some teachers  from Butuan City School of Arts and Trade (BCSAT) were privileged to listen to the lectures on moral recovery. Mr. Cirilo S. Ba-al, NeMM treasurer welcome them and Pastor Solomon V. Mongaya , NeMM  President gave a short talk before lectures were presented.

Topics in the morning were very exciting and interesting about pre marital sex. Pastor Nimrod Saramosing, NeMM Health Director presented it  very lively and  with much enthusiasm that students were giggling when they agree to some points. Question and answer portion followed that made the students become more aware of its danger. Richard Pandeleng a Roman Catholic working student exclaimed with thumbs up “ This seminar is great!  At least I know how to evade from temptations linking to pre marital sex.”, he said. “I should have marriage first before sex.”, he added.

During group dynamics the students were very much excited but somewhat afraid when they were led by the seminar facilitators to the stairs going down on blindfold. “ I felt how hard it is to walk in the dark but I was confident and determined to follow for I trust my leader to lead me to the right path down” said Christine Mae Uygioco, an honor student. “ It is a great lesson for me “ she added.

In the afternoon, Pastor Charlie Prior, Butuan City Moral Recovery Program officer gave his lecture of “what is moral recovery ?” Then Pastor Lonie Cena had his lecture on Drugs alcohol and Tobacco in lively presentation who is  knowledgeable on this area being Master in Health.

“The seminar is very substantial. Lecturers are very good and very convincing that prepares students to do better and be morally upright.”said Wendy Poquita, another honor student.

At the end of the sessions, Mrs. Marilou Crisante, one of the teachers expressed her gratitude to the sponsors of the seminar for the wonderful opportunity afforded to the students of BCSAT in relation to their moral recovery  that can help lessen their problems in school and in the society.

A Vow to Keep

We promise each other to give affection and understanding through success or failure.  We promise to keep ourselves for each other and promise to love with the eternal love of our Heavenly Father.”  –  These are the words expressed as the Ministers and their wives of Northeastern Mindanao Mission renewed their vows of love for each other in a Marriage Encounter seminar at La Vista, Nasipit, Agusan del Norte on April 28 – May 1.
It was a unique seminar or a marital encounter indeed because there are applications after every lecture.
In the first night, couples were given time to tell their love story.  Reminiscing the time when they first met and got that special feeling every time they see each other and ended with a belief that being together forever is a MAGIC.
In the second day, after the lecture “Becoming One When We Are So Different”, every couple were requested to trace their hands in their love notes then exchanged notes with their partners.  They then will write in the traced hands of their partners, the characteristics and good attributes of their mates.
In the lecture “Appreciation – A Key to Family Happiness”, love notes were out again.  This time couples will write all the positive things to their mates to appreciate their love and affirmed them.  This one takes much effort especially if all they can remember are the faults of their spouses.
Thus  when “Common Faults of Husbands” and Common Faults of Wives” were discussed, the written notes of the wives were longer compared to their husbands’ notes. As they said, this is the time when we can tell our husbands about their  many faults.  One wife has even written 45 faults of her husband.  And only that time that her husband knew his faults.  All along he thought they are doing perfectly fine.
Of course in a marriage, there are always positive and negative because we are all different.  Male and female are different.  But we have to equate the positive and negative to produce positively for we are fearfully and wonderfully made by God.
In the lecture “Building Structure for Happy Marriages” which include the “Wall of Forgiveness”, the couples were requested to write again.  This time, all the negative traits, faults, and flaws of their partners are to be forgiven.  We need to FORGIVE and FORGET for we cannot forget if we cannot forgive.  We cannot love if we cannot say “I’m sorry; forgive me!”
To ask for forgiveness is not an easy thing to say thus couples look for places in the beach to be alone, to be away from the crowd so that their asking for forgiveness will be sincere and comes from the heart.
The seminar ended with a communion service and renewal of vows with a promise to love each other with the eternal love of our Heavenly Father.
Words of thanks were expressed to Pastor & Mrs. Shirley Aguinaldo for sharing their time and talents to NEMM workers.

Truly, GOD is LOVE.
(Joan Arrogante)