Sabbath School, Personal Ministries and IEL Convention 2016


Elder Rudy Baloyo – Executive Secretary – SSD

More than 500 Adventists from different parts of Caraga Region attended the Sabbath School and IEL convention at Northeastern Mindanao Mission Academy last April 20-23, 2016.  The purpose of this convention is to share the latest direction of the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist in proclaiming the gospel of salvation.  It aims to encourage every members of the church to participate in the different ministries of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The guests speakers are Pastor Rudy Baloyo – Executive Secretary of the Southern Asia Pacific Division, Pr. Segundino Asoy – Sabbath School Director of the South Philippine Union Conference, and Pr. Bernabe M. Dahunan – NDR-IEL Director of the South Philippine Union Conference.

The delegates were delighted to hear the inspirational message of Elder Max Dante B. Obbus our NEMM president which encourages the Adventists in Caraga Region to get involve in the ministry – a way to strengthen the faith in Jesus Christ.

On Friday morning, a surprise visit of Cesar “Buboy” Montano brings life to the crowd as they listen to his experiences on how God brought him back to the church.  He ended his message with a beautiful rendition of the song “Amazing Grace.”

On April 23, 2016 Elder Rudy Baloyo spoke during the divine worship at the fully packed auditorium about the soon coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our responsibility to give an opportunity for others to know Jesus.  The Sabbath School and IEL Convention ended with a musical concert featuring the adventist musicians in Caraga Region.

Pr. Jerry E. Taguno and Pr. Lonie D. Cena are grateful for the support of the district leaders, the elders and members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church throughout Caraga Region.

SS Lesson for the First Quarter of 2016 is now Available

sabbath schoolq12016

“Rebellion and Redemption” is the title of our Sabbath School Lesson for the first quarter of 2016.  The title itself creates excitement.  It reveals the reality of what happened in heaven when angels lead by Lucifer rebel against God.  It showed how the power of darkness marred the beautiful creation by tempting the first parents.  It manifested how sin damages even the relationship of men.  On the other hand it is also a revelation of God’s plan of salvation.  His plan to redeem the fallen men and women through His love and by His love we can be save by grace.

Our Sabbath School Lesson for the first quarter of 2016 delves into the origin of the great controversy that has involved all of us and the world that we are living.  The lessons are divided into thirteen (13) very interesting topic which was carefully presented for us to understand clearly how God manifests his love amidst the chaos world that we are living and designs a plan that would restore his beautiful and perfect creation and that includes you and me.

These are the topics of our lessons.

  • Crisis in Heaven
  • Crisis in Eden
  • Global Rebellion and the Patriarchs
  • Conflict and Crisis:  The Judges
  • The Controversies Continues
  • Victory in the Wilderness
  • Jesus’ Teachings and the Great Controversy
  • Comrades in Arms
  • The Great Controversy and the Early Church
  • Paul and the Rebellion
  • Peter on the Great Controversy
  • The Church Militant
  • Redemption

I would also suggest to read the book “The Story of Redemption” as a reading supplement while you study our Sabbath School Lesson for the first quarter of 2016.

Our Sabbath School Lesson is written by David Tasker.  He is the field secretary of the South Pacific Division.  He has a PhD in Old Testament.  He experienced working as a conference president, a church pastor and a lecturer in Biblical Studies of Adventist International Institute of Advance Studies and Pacific Adventist University.

This lesson is available in English and Cebuan.  If you are interested to get a copy of this Sabbath School Lesson please contact your District Leader/Pastor.

Don’t forget to study your Sabbath School Lesson every night.

Discipleship and Nurturing Workshop


“Bible study and baptism are not the end of our labor but the beginning of discipleship and nurturing says Pr. Bernabe M. Dahunan, the director of the Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Department of the Adventists in Caraga  Region.  Our training to the leaders of the church will continue in helping the newly baptized adventists to be a matured Christian.  The Office of the Sabbath School and Personal Ministries department in connection with the Discipleship and Nurturing Department is conducting a series of workshops here at Caraga Region.

Pr. Bernabe M. Dahunan emphasized the importance of discipleship and nurturing program. It aims to develop matured Christians that would spread the gospel message not only in words but also in action.  We are blest to have Pastor Rogelio Nomus – the director of the Discipleship and Nurturing Department as our guest lecturer/speaker on this workshop.

The intention is to provide workshops to four strategic areas to encourage the churches in Caraga to send their delegates.

These are the four strategic places, the date and the participating districts.

July 8-11, 2015 Barobo

  • Hinatag
  • Bislig
  • Mangagoy/Lingig
  • San Francisco

July 22-25, 2015  Butuan City

  • Butuan Sub.
  • Ampayon
  • Cabadbaran
  • Buenavista
  • Las Nieves / Tungao

July 29-August 1, 2015 Trento

  • Veruela/Sta. Josefa
  • Loreto
  • Rosario
  • Trento

August 19-22, 2015 Bayugan East

  • Sibagat
  • Esperanza
  • Olive
  • Carmel
  • New Moriah
  • Prosperidad I & II
  • Talacogon
  • Lapaz
  • Salug

“I am inviting the church elders, care group leaders, laymen and personal ministries leader to join the workshop,” said Pr. Dahunan.  The delegates must prepare Php100.00 to avail the workshop materials.

For more information contact your district leaders/pastors or your church elders.

Sabbath School Lesson: The Teachings of Jesus


The Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide for the Third Quarter and the Fourth Quarter of the year 2014 is here.  The third quarter focuses on the “Teachings of Jesus.”  This is for the month of July, August and September of 2014.  The title of the first week was “Our Loving Heavenly Father” focuses on the relationship of the God the Father to God the son and God the Holy Spirit.

The second week of the quarter is about “The Son.”  This sabbath school lesson is written by Carlos Steger.

These are the weekly topics of our Sabbath School Lesson for this quarter.

  • Our Loving Heavenly Father (June 28-July 4)
  • The Son (July 5-11)
  • The Holy Spirit (July 12-18)
  • Salvation (July 19-25)
  • How to be Saved (July 26-August 1)
  • Growing in Jesus (August 2-8)
  • Living like Christ (August 9-15)
  • The Church (August 16-22)
  • Our Mission (August 23-29)
  • The Law of God (August 30-September 5)
  • The Sabbath (September 6-12)
  • Death and Resurrection (September 13-19)
  • The Second Coming of Jesus  (September 20-26)

This Sabbath School Lessons are now available at your District Pastor or Church Treasurer it is available in Englis Teacher’s Edition, Cebuano Teacher’s Edition and Cebuano Regular Edition.

We are glad that continues to provide a PowerPoint presentation of our Sabbath School Lesson.  It is available in Cebuano, English and few other languages or you can click the image of our lesson at the right side of this page.


If you own a copy of the Teacher’s Edition Sabbath School Lesson in English you may want to check the binding of your copy.

Division-Wide Sabbath School Congress 2014 Updates


May 21, 2014


  • Morning Devotional Speaker: Edmund M. Liah – Executive Secretary, Southeast Asian Union Mission


May 21, 2014


  • Morning Worship  – Speaker:  Elder Myun Ju Lee – President, Bangladesh Union Mission
  • Morning Devotional – Speaker:  Elder Joseph S. Peranginangin – President, West Indonesian Union Mission
  • Morning Lecture – Pr. Jonathan Kuntaraf – Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Director, General Conference


  • Reporting:  Bangladesh Union Mission / Central Philippine Union Conference / ADRA
  • Sports


  • Evening Devotiona:  Pr. Jonathan Kuntaraf – Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Director, General Conference

May 20, 2014


  • Morning Worship – Elder Agapito J Catane Jr. – President, Central Philippine Union Conference
  • Morning Devotional – Elder Michael Ditta – President, Pakistan Section
  • Lecture – Pr. Jonathan Kuntaraf, Sabbath School / Personal Ministries Director, General Conference


  • Food Demonstration by Certified Executive Chef Sharon Christensen on Tuesday, May 20, 2014 @3:00pm at the Mountain View College Cafeteria
  • Reporting:  Sri Lanka / Timor ESTE / SPUC
  • Sports:  Basketball Game:  Davao Mission won against Northeastern Mindanao Mission / Akmunan won against CPAC


  • Devotional:  Speaker:  Elder Nephthali J. Mañez

Lectures and Venue by Departments

  • Youth Department – Amethyst Hall  (Introduction to Youth Ministry by Pr. Jobbie Yabut – Youth Director, Southern Asia Pacific Division.
  • ACS – Onyx Hall – Patrict Choo
  • Children’s / Family – Cafeteria – Miriam L. Andress
  • Music – Oliverio Hall – Shirley C. Aguinaldo and Japhet L. Legario
  • SS / PM / SGL – Alumni Church – SPUC / SS/PM Directors
  • Publishing / SOP – Pearl Hall  – Pr. Vivencio Bermudez – Publishin Director , Southern Asia Pacific Division

May 19, 2014


  • Morning Worship Speaker – Pleny R. Camagay – Retired Children’s Ministries Director of SPUC.
  • Morning Devotional – Elder Hermogenes C. Villanueva – Sabbath School Director of Southern Asia Pacific Division
  • Morning Lectures – Pastor Jonathan Kuntaraf – the Sabbath School Director of the General Conference together with his wife discuss the importance of Jesus’ method of evangelism.


  • Reporting from EIUC (East Indonesian Union Conference) and PKU
  • Games of Basketball:  The North Central Mindanao Conference won the game against Negros Occidental Conference
  • Evening Devotional – Elder Memory Tun – President, Myanmar Union Mission


May 18, 2014

  • Elder Ted Wilson together with his wife, Madam Nancy Wilson arrived at Mountain View College to deliver a message of inspiration from God to more than 8,000 delegates from the area of Southern Asia Pacific Division.

Opening Ceremony and Parade

  • The parade was participated by different missions and conferences that belongs to the Southern Asia Pacific Division.
  • Hon. Camilo Eduave Pepito – City Councilor of Valencia City, deliver the welcome address on behalf of the City Mayor of Valencia.
  • The Opening Night’s message was delivered by Elder Ted Wilson encouraging the believers to a true revival.
  • The night ended with a beautiful display of fireworks.

Here is a video clip produce by the HOPE CHANNEL PHILIPPINES
SSD Wide Sabbath School Congress 2014 NEWS PLUS

Remnant Review – The official paper of the Division-Wide Sabbath School Congress

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Visit us often for more updates about the congress.


NEMM-Wide Sabbath School Teachers’ Certification


Pr. Rogelio F. Nomus – Sabbath School Director – SPUC

Bayugan East Central Church of the Seventh-day Adventist host the Sabbath School Teachers’ Certification Level II. The theme for this seminar is “Revival and Christian Life” that focus on the area of Integrated Evangelism Lifestyle with Sabbath School Teachers’ Certification Level II.
During the opening night, Pr. Antonio Pamunag – the president of Seventh-day Adventist in Northeastern Mindanao spoke about the importance of discipleship and the need of revival in the church.
Pr. Bernabe M. Dahunan – the Sabbath Director of Northeastern Mindanao Mission added, It is the aim of the Sabbath school department to equip, enhance the quality of Sabbath school teachers to integrate, Bible Study, Fellowship, Evangelism, and World Mission.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pr. Jerry Taguno – The district pastor of Hinatuan and Tagongon spoke during the morning worship and encourage that change must be seen in our lives. Pr. Rogelio F. Nomus – the present Sabbath School Director of the South Philippines Union Conference is the main lecturer and speaker of the seminar. He emphasized the importance of revival in the church and new methods to strengthen the teachers.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Pastor Rogelio V. Nomus continue his lecture on improving the Sabbath School Teachers and in the evening during the vesper program, the delegates received their pins – a symbol that they finished the Sabbath School Teachers Certification Level 2.

There were 221 delegates coming from different districts in Caraga Region.  This is a three-day seminar that began in April 2 and ended last Saturday, April 5, 2014.

SS Video: From Exalted to Cast Down

2011-2-04 From Exalted to Cast Down from Sabbath School on Vimeo.

SS Video: From Exalted to Cast Down

2011-2-02 From Exalted to Cast Down from Sabbath School on Vimeo.

SS Video: In the Loom of Heaven

2011-2-01 In the Loom of Heaven from Sabbath School on Vimeo.

SS Video: Partnership with Jesus

2011-1-13 “By Their Fruit . . .” from Sabbath School on Vimeo.