F-CAMP 2016


What is F-CAMP?

It is a ministry of the Adventist youth, for the youth by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through camping.


One Adventist youth will invite one or more unchurched youth to join the Friendship Camp which carries the program to develop their physical, mental, social and spiritual.  The devotional speaker will speaks about the fundamental doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist. The facilitators will lead the group into studying other topics that are not covered by the speaker and get the reaction of the campers through an activity called unmasking.

The Results


These activities were facilitated by FLIES group who also help trained facilitators for the F-CAMP.  These activities happened last summer and the Lord has been so good that he calls the youth to be involved in his ministry. [NM Seda]

The Voice of Youth: 14 Accepted Jesus

With such an army of workers as our youth, rightly trained, might furnish, how soon the message of a crucified, risen, and soon-coming Savior might be carried to the whole world! (Education, p. 271).

August 17-22, 2014.  Six days, twelve gospel speakers, 5 health lecturers and the whole forces of the youth of Mangagoy SDA Central Church together with the church elders and members, successfully celebrated the goodness and the power of the Holy Spirit that leads 14 people to Christ. The Bible Seminar was held at Dampingan-the site where the CASAYO 2 did their community service.

The Preparation.

The youth had spent many nights studying the word of God, harnessing their skills for personal evangelism through the help of Elders of the Mangagoy SDA Church and Bro. Edison Villarente who shared their expertise in different aspects of evangelism.  The youth learned to mark their Bibles, answers different questions about the Seventh-day Adventist doctrine and learned the most important aspects of evangelism and that is prayer.

The Challenges.

The area chosen doesn’t have a gym or a hall.  The youth decided  to use the road, praying that God will not let it rain.  God answered our prayers and it didn’t rain the whole week.  There was a problem with the sound system, but God had solved it through the ministry of Elder Dapiton.


Pr. Nimrod Saramosing – giving instruction to the candidates for Baptism


God Calls and They Answered.

Saturday, August 23, 2014 – 14 people decided to accept Jesus as their personal Savior.  Pr. Nimrod Saramosing-the Health Director of the Northeastern Mindanao Mission officiated the baptism and reminds the Adventists to take care, nurture and train newly converts to be a good disciple of Christ.  It was a life changing experience for the youth looking at the fruit of their labor.

You can visit their Facebook page to see their activities and view their photos during the Bible Seminar.

CASAYO 2 Fellowship Ends in Community Service


L-R: Lester and Macmac serve the food to the children

CARAGA ADVENTIST YOUTH ORGANIZATION 2 commonly known as CASAYO 2 is an Adventist Youth Organization in the areas of Barobo District, Hinatuan District, Bislig City District, Mangagoy District and Lingig District held their fellowship at Mangagoy Seventh-day Adventist Central Church, Mangagoy, Bislig City, Philippines last August 15-17, 2014.

Youth coming from five different districts arrived for the weekend of spiritual revival and community service.  The program started on Friday evening with the message of Pr. Meljoie R. Pepito – the district leader of Mangagoy District, encouraging the youth to LOVE, CARE and SERVE.

Pr. Max Dante Obbus – the Youth Director of Northeastern Mindanao Headquarters that serves CARAGA Region, spoke during the Sabbath Worship.  He encourages the Adventist youth to break all the barriers, shun all the differences, spend more time in prayer and be united to God and aim to be of service to the community.  Pr. Raul Narvasa – the district leader of Lingig District spoke during the commitment service encouraging the CASAYO 2 to give their best for the Lord.

On the eve of Saturday, a Grand Social Gathering was held in Mangagoy Baranggay Gymnasium, which was participated by the youth.


Right: Gaga Guerra – checking the blood pressure.

The renewal of their commitments to the Lord prompts them to participate in a community outreach program at Dampingan, Mangagoy, Bislig City.  They offered free health checkup, counseling and feeding to almost a hundred residents of Dampingan.  The youth did it with the full support of the Adventist Health Professionals  and Adventist Community Service in Mangagoy Seventh-day Adventist Central Church.  The residents of Dampingan were very happy that the services of the Seventh-day Adventist reach their community.

Loreto FCAMP Camp Director

Clinton M Dumangcas

Last year Northeastern Mindanao Mission trained young people for FCAMP Facilitators.    Many of them successfully completed the training.    One of them is Clinton M. Dumangcas, a first year student in Caraga State University, taking BS Math.  While he is in our own Academy he is active in leading Master Guide activities.  He is also the battalion commander of the school, pathfinder club in Northeastern Mindanao Academy.

Last year he was assigned in Punot, Salug Esperanza Agusan del Sur and Bonbon, Butuan City FCAMP facilitator.  Jonald Serrano, the FCAMP consultant, perceived that he can be a good Camp Director for another camping.  That’s why last April 15-21, 2012 he was assigned in Loreto District as Camp Director.

At first he wanted to decline because he felt that he is not capable of the responsibility, being young and doesn’t have any experience in handling such activities.  He is contented of being a facilitator only.   Mainly his fears were he doesn’t know the district pastors, the church elders and also the facilitators who will go with him since it involves for 3 districts.   The facilitators came from different churches how could he manage the program.  But before the FCAMP started, he was chosen to attend the Youth Alive program by the SSD in Central Philippine Adventist College last April 2-7, 2012.    The training that


he attended helped him in revising their scheduled activities and applies such knowledge in the camping.

When the camping started he felt excited because there were more non-sda young people who attended even though they don’t have complete bonding with the facilitators. He was scared at first when one of the campers was disturbed by the devil during Wednesday until Saturday morning.  Marathon prayers, Bible reading was done by the facilitators.  But it was an unforgettable experience when he saw the power of God, when the devil was driven out through the power of prayer.  Through that experience he longed to become a pastor.

NEMM-Youth Ministries Department Spearheaded Summer Youth Camp 2011

The Youth Ministries Department of Northeastern Mindanao Mission under the directorship of Pastor Max Dante B. Obbus conducted a mission-wide summer youth camp on May 8-14, 2011 at Mt. Olive Laymen’s Academy, Mt. Olive, Bayugan City, Agusan del Sur with the theme “Alone With God.”

On the opening night, Pastor Henry Sucuaje, District Pastor of Olive District gave an inspirational message. Barangay Captain Romel Montecalvo of Barangay Olive welcomed all the staff, delegates, and parents on behalf of the local government. Pastor Solomon V. Mongaya, NEMM president, delivered a very timely and uplifting message during the Divine Worship. Sir Romel Subigca, school principal of Northeastern Mindanao Academy, offered the commitment message and prayer during the closing program.

The said event aimed to develop future church leaders through different Pathfindering activities and programs. The participants were divided into different categories from the Adventurer Club, Pathfinder Club, Master Guide, Pathfinder Leadership Award (PLA), and Advanced Pathfinder Leadership Award (APLA). Furthermore, various classes and honors were conducted in the morning to cater the need of the campers for their passport completion.

Around 200 youth from Caraga Region participated in this program. These young people underwent rigid training and various activities all throughout the week. On the first day, they did “getting-to-know-you” games and activities; and on the following day, they had camp skills and drills. In the middle of the week, the participants enjoyed nature’s beauty when they had a track and trail. They went hiking, spelunking and waterfalls exploring. On Thursday (May 12), the attendees had an obstacle race. The last day was spent doing a community service around the school and the neighborhood. Aside from physical and social enrichments, the campers were spiritually strengthened and revived through morning worship and devotionals, meditation and counselor’s time, and evening devotionals. At night, there were different presentations by district such as songs and yells, unique talent, group singing – religious, musical instrument playing, and religious drama.

Regardless of the unexpected untoward incidents, the administrative officers, camp staff, parents and participants felt physically, socially and spiritually rejuvenated and blessed. Everybody believed that we were not alone, because God was with us.

Youth Life Program

Photo: Ian Alfer Baal


The Youth Department of Northeastern Mindanao Mission is actively doing a yearly activity initiating a program that helps the young people become better equipped using  their abilities, talents and skills for the leadership in the church.

Last April 10-16, 2011 the Youth Department of NeMM headed by Ptr. Max Dante B. Obbus, Youth Director conducted a Mission-wide youth program in Bayugan Comprehensive High School, Bayugan City which called “YOUTH LIFE”.  A balanced program instituted to meet the needs of the youth’s physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and social development.

The Youth Life program featured  different categories such as:

  • A.Y Programming –  Printed programs were introduced intended for AY only good for 2-3 years.  Young people will just follow and select the activities so that the  AY programs become lively and attractive  to young people.
  • Youth Evangelism – Youths were trained in the mechanism on how to win souls for Christ.  If all our youth involve themselves in evangelism, many souls will be brought unto God’s kingdom.
  • Youth Literature Evangelism – Some of the youth grouped themselves to participate in evangelism through printed pages.  They were trained why and how to spread the  “Good News” of the Lord through literature.
  • Medical Training- Youths were given several steps and procedures on rescue operation.
  • Sports; a) Basketball, b) Volleyball men, c) Volleyball women  – The liveliest portion on the part of the young people is the sports like different ball games.  Every player enjoyed very much as well as the spectators.
  • Week of Prayer – The whole duration of the week’s program is a Week of Prayer.  Pr. Solomon V. Mongaya, the NeMM president, is the speaker during morning and evening devotionals to help them spiritually developed.
  • Nightly Presentation – Every district’s delegates were given a chance and privilege to show their talents every night which gave a lively and colorful attraction to the affair.
  • Lecturers:  The lecturers were  Cirilo S. Ba-al, Treasurer, Pr. Bernabe C. Caballero, Jr., Executive Secretary, Pr. Bernabe M. Dahunan, Bayugan District Pastor, Jacinto R. Martinez,  Area Publishing Ministries Supervisor, Surigao City.  Pr. Jerry T. Taguno, Barobo District Pastor,  Pr. Ralph A de Domingo,  Cabadbaran District Pastor,  Pr. Nimrod V. Saramosing, Health Director, Samson H. Andrade, Publishing Director, Mrs. Leonor P. Mongaya, Womens/Children and FLM Director and Pr. Heshbon Buscato, the SPUC Youth Director.

The youth took advantage of the activities and were divided into groups to attend different stations.  Almost every district participated on the program.  More than 2,000 young people participated the activity and during Sabbath services the attendance was doubled.

Praise the Lord for all the youth who have attended on this kind of activities for now they  have the means to improve their skills and abilities in the leadership and winning souls for Christ as they go back to their own churches.